It's my 12 hr work weekend at the hospital. May not have to save too many lives today, I heard that it's pretty slow... so what am I doing up 3 hours before I have to go in? well, looking at pictures of course! Dontcha just feel like you know everyone sometimes? Which kind of brings up another subject... as much as there is on the web, and the kazillion of places there are, how come it seems as tho there's one big circle of sites that I always wind up in? everyone knows everyone by one little linkage here and there... or an event or a place that brings everyone together. Isn't it amazing? hey! profound thought! mebe that's why they call it a web. ;)
posted by Kitty 4/15/2000 6:26:04 AM
'tis a gnu day... and everything's fine. ;)
posted by Kitty 4/15/2000 5:37:18 AM
ok. so i think i'll just go to bed....
posted by Kitty 4/14/2000 9:22:25 PM
hmm, maybe it's the gallons of caffeine that I've been consuming lately. and no sleep.
posted by Kitty 4/14/2000 9:19:30 PM
:::heavy sigh::: things just going from bad to worse.
posted by Kitty 4/14/2000 9:13:30 PM
what a crappy day.... I hate it when I don't DO anything, 'cept NOthing.
posted by Kitty 4/14/2000 7:26:57 PM
ugh. went for the "Friday Fish Fry." I don't know if that's as common a tradition anywhere else like it is here, but it's a regular kind of thing around these parts. I am full. I always feel full these days. my boobs are growing, as are other parts of my body. yup, sure are. n' I don't like it much... wish we didn't have to eat.
posted by Kitty 4/14/2000 2:15:14 PM
p.s. I wanted to point this out last nite (this morning?) but I jes' love this place! Makes me happy.
posted by Kitty 4/14/2000 2:56:45 AM
I don't think that I'm a blogger in the true sense of the word. I like to talk...and talk... and talk. To say a few words with a link elsewhere, well, # 1) I don't travel too far away from my little art world # 2) I rarely just say a few words. Sooo, if you came here to see what's happening in other places, forget it. btw - I did take a nap today :)
posted by Kitty 4/14/2000 2:51:51 AM
I've gotta tell you something... you know, I have a mannequin here in my office, k? well, a very lov-ely woman was in need of a graphic for her site... to make a long story short, I created one for her, and she was just sooo thrilled, that she sent me a head for my mannequin. ok? So today, I received the package, took the pretty head out of the box, and set it on the kitchen table. Then I went to let the doggies in. omg! You should have seen the way Dolly (rottie) and Lucy (froufroupuppy) reacted! [Dolly loves people and Lucy is still quite nervous/shy around people.] Dolly was jumping up on table and lickin' the mannequin's face and just waggin her butt (tail) like crazy, all the while Lucy was screaming and having a hissy fit. So when I set the head on the table in here, Dolly jumped up, banged into the desk, a pile of CD's flew to the floor, and both of them were barking and trying to lick the mannequin's face and eat her hair. Well, I had to pretend that our 'guest' was leaving, so I put the head on the porch. geesh. Now what am I going to do with her? hmmm... it really was funny..... oh goodness... all of a sudden I feel like I'm typing on air. I do believe I am now feeling the effects of no sleep... just hit me like a ton o' bricks. maybe I'll just rest my eyes for a moment ... k?
posted by Kitty 4/13/2000 6:34:14 AM
there we go! Brand, sparklin' new! Now I look like I just woke up.... Anyway, decided to move the original "So I Say" chatter to here... yup, caved into the peer pressure, what can I say. It's official. I'm a blogger.
posted by Kitty 4/13/2000 5:45:21 AM
oh dear... think I'll have to muss up the bed a bit so hubby thinks I was there... not here all nite. The good news? I think I've got it :)
posted by Kitty 4/13/2000 5:08:04 AM
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