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i am such a dork
posted by Kitty 4/22/2000 4:20:28 AM

Lizzie!!!! There you are!!
posted by Kitty 4/21/2000 11:53:36 PM

hey Meg! Just saw Ani on the "Tonite Show." What a lee-tle lady, and what a voice! and Meg, about that Scholastic stuff? I LOVED ordering new books..... how absolutely exciting to get the fresh, untouched paperbacks.... that "new book" smell..... adding the new little darlings to my bookshelf. Of course, if they were of a particular series, or publisher, they had to go in their correct order on the shelf. "Berkely Plaids" were my favs. I always told my girlfriend that I was going to save them forever, in case I ever had a little girl. Well, I did save them, and I did have a little girl. But read one of mom's old books?? forget it!
posted by Kitty 4/21/2000 11:50:54 PM

Daughter dearest is home for the weekend. yay. We'll be doing a little crash course in "HTML 101" tomorrow. Oddly enough, she doesn't really care for computers (gasp!) but realizes that by avoiding them, won't make them go away. She has a great new job, and her illustration and dtp skills are wUnderful. I look at her work and I realize once again how proud I am of her. ::::pause for a mom moment:::: i luv her.
I find that I am gravitating to Tom's site more and more. I enjoy reading a little more meat in my blogs. I think Tess is an excellent story teller. Even tho her stories make me sad. Maybe it's because they hit too close to home at times.
As I've stated before, I am not *blog* material. I babble... and I prefer to share my ramblings more than my links....hmmm. ANYway, I must start archiving this page.... getting a little lengthy around here.
posted by Kitty 4/21/2000 11:12:51 PM

Have you ever been walking, just minding your own business... do-de-doo... and WHAM! you walk thru a cloud of smells that slams you into a time warp? I was going outside to sneak a ciggie, and passed a visitor that was smoking a cigar... cherry-smoke-dark-grampa.... omg! Immediately I zoned back to when I was little girl, sitting in the den, on the gray naugehyde (sp?) vibrating recliner, and grampa smoking his cherry cigars (or whatever they were called).... I was grampa's little girl.... :::warning, kitty tangent ahead::: I just went on a search looking to see how to spell "naugehyde" (you know, fake leather-plastic-vinyl..) and came across these MAH-velous chairs! ooooo, I want the man/body chair! cool. ANYway, where was I... now that I am totally out of the blogging mood. ack. I do that all of the time. geesh..... scatterbrain. I'm goin' to bed.
posted by Kitty 4/20/2000 10:08:45 PM

HEY! you never did tell me mister!
posted by Kitty 4/20/2000 9:40:29 PM

whew! now I can finally go to bed and sleep well! revenge is sweet :)
posted by Kitty 4/19/2000 11:12:56 PM

hey Joey, I warned you! never, EVer, dare this Kitty!
posted by Kitty 4/19/2000 11:07:57 PM

ohthisisreallypissin' me off...... frikkin' web blogs.
posted by Kitty 4/19/2000 3:26:23 AM

whew! went the w-h-o-l-e day without coming here... woo. although I still didn't get everything done that I wanted to. I really wanted to make something for my slightly disillusioned web buddy... wanted to update my site... still have tons-o-work, but just can't get with the program! ack! what is wrong with me??
posted by Kitty 4/19/2000 1:44:44 AM

:::contract with myself:::
"I solemnly swear, until I complete one of my many projects, I am not allowed to enter this page or any such pages, even to read. I will not log on to Blogger, I will not read my friend's blogs, and I will not make any changes to my blog."
so signed, on this day, the 18th of April, year 2000. kam
posted by Kitty 4/18/2000 11:48:36 AM

When talking about "gay men she has known," Elizabeth Taylor mentions James Dean. Where did that come from? and why, 45 years after his death, should we care?
posted by Kitty 4/18/2000 2:09:29 AM

mmm, mm, mmm.... be still my heart..... Brian McKnight is on "Later." Looking for his possible web site... who is this chick buying all of these domains??? I've run into her a few times. damn domain mongers.
posted by Kitty 4/18/2000 1:39:02 AM

Lucy lost her first baby tooth! "awwww..." Speaking of which, we had both pups in for their checkups, and are now $433.00 poorer, but hey! we are ready for the fleas and ticks -- bring'em on baby! (ewww)
Ever see a heartworm? I dissected cats in school, (had to cover my dead kitty's screaming head tho) and cut open the heart to reveal l-o-n-g, stringy worms, woven throughout the kitty's heart chambers.... looked like vermicilli pasta! mmm, yum. Bet your angel-hair pasta dish will never taste the same ;)
posted by Kitty 4/18/2000 12:45:49 AM

gee, thanks Derek! hmmm, MY birthday is in a week!
posted by Kitty 4/17/2000 9:18:49 PM

enough, enough already!! I gotta draw or something! ---later---
posted by Kitty 4/17/2000 12:27:41 AM

what is going on? People are coming into the hospital dying from unknown causes. the last scenerio (2-22)... one died, and one lived. This one needs a new liver ASAP. Which reminds me... you can't take it with you!!
posted by Kitty 4/17/2000 12:22:30 AM

hey Faith, know what's weird? 20 years earlier, I was in the mansion right next door to Jeffrey's apartment building, stripping the woodwork in the 3rd floor ballroom! whoddathunkit!!
posted by Kitty 4/16/2000 11:42:34 PM

hey! I see another common thread here.
posted by Kitty 4/16/2000 11:25:28 PM

hey Tom, you're pretty funny.
funny how?
pretty focking funny!
posted by Kitty 4/16/2000 11:22:01 PM

hey... I really don't think it loads faster guys.
posted by Kitty 4/16/2000 6:21:51 AM

You know, I have a good mind to get rid of this thing. Like I need one more reason to keep me from doing my work! Being the ever-so-disciplined (!) person that I am, this blog business may be the death of me. I need to get motivated , and stop procrastinating so much!
posted by Kitty 4/16/2000 5:46:38 AM

Maybe Tom oughta go here.
posted by Kitty 4/16/2000 5:35:51 AM

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