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Thursday, January 11
hey, didja ever go to a site that had these big ass graphics - let me rephrase that. Ever go to someones site, redo one of their graphics, and then email it to them? I know that sometimes it's a losing battle, but every once in awhile, I really feel the need to do something about it - in a nice way.
I was just on a site that had an animated (very simple) graphic that was 156kb and I made the exact same thing (actually even a tad improved) that was 19kb!

So I did my good deed for the day. My job is done.

That, and taking down the Christmas decorations.
... Kitty @ 2:55 PM | +

ok, ok. On his way out the door this a.m., hubby left me explicit instructions, "Do not even turn the computer on this morning until you take the Christmas decorations down."

"ok dear. I won't."
... Kitty @ 9:14 AM | +

Faith! you lucky dog you. I'm jealous. You got a job on the side that you didn't tell me about?
... Kitty @ 9:10 AM | +
wow. Isn't it something how such finely woven words can put your mind in a whole different climate? I agree Jeff!
so very, very lovely.

Then I hit the back button and I drop immediately back to earth.
dum-de-do... kind of like floating on a cloud thousands and thousands of feet above the earth and then *blam!* -- you're back on the ground shaking your head, wondering what just happened!
... Kitty @ 9:07 AM | +

I am so tired that it hurts. So why don't I just go to bed you ask? Because that would take away my time to myself, to do things just for fun. I don't let myself do that during the day.

so I'm working on a redo for 24-7, and it involves cutting up images, and making mouseovers and so forth, but I had to change a few things, and I could hardly keep my eyes open. I couldn't remember what I had named the new pieces, and I was really getting screwed up. yikes. dopey without drugs.

dagnabbit. go to bed you thilly wabbit!
... Kitty @ 2:15 AM | +

I think I'm cracking up.
... Kitty @ 2:03 AM | +
I lost the scrolling thingie... better?
... Kitty @ 2:00 AM | +
Tuesday, January 9
ok. so I'm having an identity crisis. what can I say. From one extreme to another, hmm?

I went shopping today and had all of these things to tell you guys, but now I must try and sleep for a bit. Gotta save lives tomorrow.

Hey six, this is for you.
... Kitty @ 11:34 PM | +

Monday, January 8
"...but we haven't quite reached our goal and don't have enough extra server power to stay ahead of the growth curve for long. And with this latest round of press (see below), we're going to need more than ever!"
ok, now you're starting to annoy me. 
... Kitty @ 9:47 AM | +
If I see one more shattered 3d rectangle on a "design cover" I think I'm going to scream.
Can you say o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l-i-t-y?
... Kitty @ 4:08 AM | +
So you macheads on IE 5 can't read this scrolling text? dagnabbit!
well, I don't really feel like changing it at the moment, but I've provided a text link below. Ha! Just occured to me... they're not going to be able to read this post! duh.
... Kitty @ 2:18 AM | +
Sunday, January 7
well I'll be damned. You changed it! Altho that really wasn't a backhanded way of telling you... lots of sites do that, and I wondered if there was something that I didn't know about. You know, me being the techno wizard that I am. (phhhfft!)
... Kitty @ 1:09 PM | +
Do you ever send yourself email because you think maybe it's not working? Because you sent a proposal or a "look, what do you think of this version" to a client over a week ago and haven't heard diddly from them? What the hell??
... Kitty @ 10:10 AM | +
Is there a reason for not allowing people to use their browser's "back" button to get back to where they were? and instead your page loads again? and again. and again? If there is a purpose that I don't know about, like it's a coding thing or something, ok, I forgive you. But it pisses me off. Like, it's going to keep someone from leaving your site?
"oh darn. I can't go anywhere else, so I guess I'll just stay on this site and look around some more."
... Kitty @ 3:53 AM | +
I realize that Netscape isn't as *forgiving* ... but six, I can't view your "I've returnith" page.
and Dana! what the heck is "i.moreover?" It's holding up the loading of your page, dagnabbit.
... Kitty @ 3:47 AM | +
added a little about section... kinda goofy, but I didn't really feel like saying much at the moment. I just wanted to add that top nav menu if you must know.
... Kitty @ 3:41 AM | +
Friday, December 22
hmm.... where have I been. Look who's back... +




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