Friday, June 11, 2004


In my fatter days, when hubby would go out of town, the big treat would be to eat Taco Bell every day, and make nachos with all of the goodies for myself to pig out on. Now, food isn't the treat any more, although I must say, when I ran to the store for ciggies, I briefly thought about what I could buy to *treat* myself with. Alas, nothing exciting came to mind, which is probably a good thing.

I couldn't even think of anything healthy for a treat... I guess because if I want something on a daily basis, I buy it. Know what I mean? There is nothing reserved for "special occasions."

Probably the best thing about having my WLS, is that food just isn't important to me any longer. I eat to fuel my body. Wow, pretty amazing, isn't it? *enter grande finale music*

I'm damn happy about that.

Know what I think I'm going to do now? Make some patterns. I wanna be like Taz when I grow up! Actually, I had to remove my latest set on FMG 'cos someone bought it, and I need to replace it. Ok then, why don't I do that? ooooo, and there's a gnu "What Not to Wear" coming on. wow, it doesn't get much better than that!


make love not war

Watching Woodstock. In shock and awe. Fucking amazing, as I spiral down the timeline. That's my era.

I haven't seen it in a long time, but I know all of the words by heart.

I remember sitting in h.s., whatever class, and Daryl saying that he was going (ya, right Daryl). We must have just returned from lunch because I can smell the smoke on my long curly hair... (I didn't smoke then, and the smell drove me nuts). We used to go to a restaurant across the street from the h.s., and of course you could still smoke cigarettes anywhere you damned please.

My best friend Bob drove a little yellow beetle and could play the electric guitar with his teeth like Jimmy. We sat in the blue glow of a black light and cried when he died. Bob got very depressed for a long time after that. Now he drives a UPS truck.

I wore strips of rawhide tied around my forehead to hold back the frizzy hair. My dad said I'd better be careful when it rained if the rawhide got wet. When it dried, it might shrivel up and squish my brain.

I wear my love beads with pride.
R.I.P. to an entirely different world.

I wish I would have turned this on earlier.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I smell like a protein drink

After hearing Joelle talk about Jaqua's Marshmallow Cocoa Body Whip and how yummy it sounded to me, I tried to order it sometime before Christmas. Well, apparently I wasn't the only one, because they were out of it forever.

So I just ordered it again, and got it yesterday. It is indeed very yummy smelling (and hubby agrees - which is a good thing), but, it smells very much like a protein drink that I drank for awhile after I had my surgery.

Notwithstanding that I smell like a protein drink, I really don't care for the feeling of the whip/creme itself... it's pretty sticky going on, don't like that... but my curiosity has been satisfied. Done deal.

I still like my Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy lotions - especially the Jasmine Vanilla. Works for me.

Did I tell you that my sis-in-law was here last weekend? She and girlfriend came on business, but she also had a mission.

She was going to pass on to Jen an heirloom ring that hubby's aunt had passed on to her some time ago. It was time.

I hadn't seen the ring before, and she dragged me outside to show me its brilliance in the light of the sun. Holy Moly! I have never seen such an amazing stone in my life. It's a 2 carat diamond, hand cut and set in a beeaUtiful platinum setting with a few baguettes and smaller diamonds around it. It seriously made me feel like crying it was so brilliant and colorful. I'll post a pic of it, but of course the photo doesn't do it justice. Hubby took it to our jeweler to get it appraised and sized for Jennie today. I'm happy for her -- she deserves it... mmm, I think I do too... ya, in fact, maybe more so... why yes! I deserve it. I do believe we need to make a few changes by golly! I'll have to have a talk with her about that... after all, who has the ring now, hmmm? What's that about possesion is 9/10ths of the law...
(I'm KIDding)

Here it 'tis...


Last nite I was doing a little reading and snooping around some unknown territories... sooo much information and knowledge out there! I wish I could absorb it all!

Found a few new discoveries along the way....

I saw this once before, and thought how I should bookmark it to show to my clients. Many people are still not aware that you need to use a typeface that is fairly common if you want visitors to view your site the way you created it. Code Style posted results from a survey that they did of the most common reported fonts on the Windows platform (there's a list of common Mac fonts as well). So that's a handy dandy reference if you're unsure of which typefaces to use on a site.

Then, I also discovered a drawing program, called Expression 3, that you can download for free from Microsoft. Only thing, as I was playing with it, there are a lot of tools that I couldn't figure out, and will take MUCH playing around with to get the hang of it. There are links on the Microsoft page to places that discuss the software (love the colors on her site), but it's all still rather vague.

Maybe I'll mess around with it this weekend... maybe.

I also got lost in Taz's extensive linkage pages (her site seems to be down at the moment), and eventually went into overload mode and had to stop. Besides, the birds were chirping, and as I've mentioned before, that makes me nervous and I know that I should get to bed.

Anyhooo... hopefully all of that browsing has inspired me to be creative today.
later kids.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


I'm so excited I could poop!

To make a long story short (yes, I can do that occasionally) - I don't have to save lives on Friday! yay! But what makes it extra special is that my men are going up north this weekend. "Up North" in Wisconsin is about 6 hours up to the Northern part of the state. Woods, deer, small town sorta stuff. Not my cup o' tea, but dad-in-law's sis is up there, so they're going to visit and celebrate d-i-l's 89th birthday. They leave early Friday a.m., and now I get an extra day home alone. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

You guys know what I mean, yes? You love your family dearly, but it's still fun once in awhile to get a little break from each other.

I think it's funny that I probably won't even go into the living room for the entire 3 days that they're gone. The t.v. will get a rest!

Okee, back to work. Just wanted to share the happy news.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


ahhh, today was my Spa Day. Loverly, simply loverly. Actually, the facial was the neatest I think. I will do that again.

Am I glowing?


Sorry about deleting your comments guys... but I put up the Haloscan dealie, and by doing so, *poof* - other comments gone. But I got to read them, and that's what's important, no?

Monday, June 07, 2004

googoo eyes

good grief, I need to take a break from looking at fonts (not for me)!

You know how ideally, one shouldn't use the same font that you use in a logo/title on the rest of the site, yes? But you still need some congruity between them.

So this is the font that I've been straining my eyeballs over, looking for just the right font for the rest of the site.

I think I have it narrowed down to Tarzana or... hmm, which other one was I thinkin' of?? pooey. Maybe I should just quit for the nite... ya, maybe so.

Tomorrow I go for my royal spa treatment! No, I didn't go last time -- I cancelled -- timing was off. But I am definitely ready for it tomorrow. yay.

Ok, let's see if posting this will reveal anymore comments. If so, I think I'll nix the blogger comments and hook up with Haloscan. I know that Mumsy's comments post so fast! I like that.

Alritey, c'yall later.