Saturday, June 19, 2004

art in the sun

Had a nice, artsy day today... this is the Lakefront Art Festival Weekend, and even tho my usual art partner was busy today with her manfriend ('member this pic?) - and Mumsy was up to it (but I told her that I just planned on doing a quick browse around), I wound up going down there myself.

There wasn't a ton of stuff that I fell madly in love with, although Jay Long's work was pretty cool - made me smile. I may still purchase a print from his site...

You know what was pretty neat though? I saw an artist's name and work that I knew I recognized from somewhere - I was thinking EBSQ, but as I talked to him, I discovered that I recognized him from eMOMA! Of course! Lori, maybe you know him? Kreg Yingst? So that was pretty cool.

Ultimately, I bought a print from Tracy Gallup. This pic doesn't do it justice of course. The plastic wrap is still on it, and the print itself is about 8 x 10, with an 18 x 24 mat. I love the little "starman" floating in the sky. And I bought a t-shirt of course... have to buy the yearly event t-shirt.

So it was a good day. Then, on my way home, I decided to stop at Alterra for coffee, and who should call me but Jennie, wondering if I was still down there. So she and Dave walked down to meet me, and we sat and talked for a bit. We're all meeting there tomorrow for Daddy's Day. I just hope it's nice out 'cos hubby and I would like to take the bike. We'll see... the weather is just so damned weird these days! (40's tonite?!!)

Hope you're all having a great weekend as well.

Friday, June 18, 2004


Cool site - for Hungry Girls only [via Anne]


hey! I've been playing...


hi. shhhh... I'm writing this from the trauma/surg icu... oooo... but don't tell anyone, k?

ok, better go.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

time or not

I'm entering the "I-should-go-to-bed-now" vs "o-what-the-heck-stay-up-longer" zone. Saved lives today as well as tomorrow. Not too bad since we're "flexing up" - meaning it's busy enough for extra staff, which also means that if you're in a fairly busy unit, you don't have to come out and help on the floor. yippee.

I'm in the trauma-surg icu, so there's the usual gunshot wounds, stabbings, and crushing work-related injuries that break every bone in your face type o' patients. Oh, and hearts. Not hearts like they're beating out of sync, but hearts as in "the patients were in perfect health until they had a major heart attack and needed a by-pass (surgery)" type of hearts.

So it's a nice change from the patients that drink, smoke, and shoot drugs to mess their health up kind o' patients... the icu that I work the most frequently in.

ya, maybe I'll stay up just a leeeetle bit longer.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

content, happy and all that...

Have I told you lately how much I enjoy what I do?

I just completed some updates to a few of my client sites, and there's such a feeling of... mmm, how can I say this... worthiness? self-worth? Like people really need me. I'm getting my strokes on a regular basis.

I've said that from the beginning, about creating things for others, and getting positive feedback, which feeds my need for approval and love (nevermind the psychobabble about getting that from within myself blahblahblah). I need it like I need water. That's just the way it is.

You could say that's what I get from saving lives as well - although it's generally not an immediate reaction from the people that I'm "saving" - it's more from within. Knowing that without me and the treatment that I'm giving, that person may not do very well.

Some time ago, when I was all tied up in my mental history and experiences and just generally screwed up, I remember running across research having to do with the type of person who enters the health care profession. How there's a certain type of personality, and how their own life experiences influenced their reasons for doing so. I know that having been abused in one form or another was a common denominator for many... I don't remember the particulars, but I know that it made a lot of sense at the time that I read it.

Anyway... as usual I've gone off on a tangent. :)

I just wanted to come in here and share a little happy dance with y'all, 'cos I'm feeling gro-o-o-vy this afternoon.
sharing the luuuv.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


I listen to a variety of music when I'm working - I just tune into whatever I'm in the mood for on the digital music channel on t.v. Sooo, this afternoon is a "soundscapes" mood, 'cos I'm trying to be mellow and at peace while I work on thee site update. But listening to "Brahms' Lullaby" just ain't gonna do it!


I wish there was more of me. Well, not MOREmore, as in a bigger me, but about 3 more of me to do the work I have to do.

When I have a difficult time juggling jobs and such, I start to question my efficiency at it... am I too putzy? Too much of a perfectionist? A dawdler? I do know that my work reflects the time and effort that I put into it, but couldn't I do it a little faster?

So I could never really earn more money than I do now, 'cos I'll never be more of me.

Does that make sense?

I need to relax now... of course I feel guilty for doing so when I could be pounding out work, but we've talked about that before. I need to unwind too, right?

Monday, June 14, 2004


It's the little things...

Over the weekend, I installed the NetObjects v.8 upgrade, mainly because now, when you link something to a new, pop-up window, you have the option of how it opens. The most wonderful thing is that you can just click the little box to have it totally centered, no matter what your visitor's screen res is - yahooooo!

Yes, I know that there's some scripting that you can add to make that that happen, but this is soooo easy! I am ecstatic... 'cos you know it's all about easy. At least it is for me.

Both of my men just went to bed. Hubby more than likely has a tooth abscess, so he took his little pain pill and went to bed early. poor bebe.

Me? I just made a small pot o' coffee and am pluggin' away. In a good mood, even tho my eyes are buggy tonite, and when I tried to plop some eye drops in, nothing came out. As I used a paper clip to open up the hole bigger, I had this vision of the entire bottle pouring over my eyeball. But it didn't.

(and yes, I cleared some of the liquid before I squirted paper-clip infected eye-drops into my eyes)


The Wayan brothers all are so hot! I love their crinkly eyes when they smile.


Every time I go to Walgreens for one thing or another, I am drawn to those cheapy, shiny mirror plasticy hanging dealies. Know which ones I mean? There's usually an opalescent glass circle or square, wrapped in copper, with some square mirror pieces hanging off of it... and they're cheap, like, 3 for 10 bucks. Sometimes there's a variation, with some iridescent plastic doodads hanging there as well.

I love them! But I'd have to buy like, 100 of 'em, to make them longer and more spectacular looking grouped together - sort of like a beaded curtain.

So then what. Where would I hang this shiny sparkly group of thingies?

I guess that's why I haven't bought any.

Ok. Need a pot o' coffee and some motivation. It's time to work on that site.
c'yall later.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

are you experienced

Watching the biography of Jimi Hendrix before the A&E special "Boomer Nation" comes on. More flashback stuff... should be interesting.


I also removed commenting ability around here... I hate to admit it, but I just get too wrapped up in whether anyone comments, that it's easier to simply chit chat to everyone without having to focus on why no one is commenting. I don't comment all that frequently on other blogs that I read myself, so I know how it goes. I just don't want to feel all bummed out about it and place so much importance to it around here, ya know?

wrong number

geeez, so I'm watching a rather scary movie, well, maybe not as scary as a few moments of suspense involving a stalker, and I got a phone call! At 2:35 in the morning! Actually, this same voice has called before. So I told him to check the number and quit calling, so then it rang again. I lifted it up and put it right back down, and he called again! So I politely told him "wrong number" and hung up. That was it. But it still kind of freaked me out. jerk.

flower power

Finally changed things around a bit, but I can't find a link to edit my profile. Don't really need that there...

eww, this movie is kind of weird.

Hope you're all having a good weekend!