Saturday, June 26, 2004

on a lighter note...

After dinner tonite, I crashed on the couch for about 3 hours. dang. Woke up at 10:00, and ready to rumble... well, ok, not exactly, but definitely awake.

I usually make a small pot o' coffee in the evening, but since I skipped that part tonite, I had an incredible urge to make some now. So I did. You have a problem with that?

Actually, I think my craving was exacerbated by discovering and browsing this fella's site, as well as Fortune's site. Bookmarked! Lot's-o-linkage as well.

I always bring some good coffee with me when I save lives - "Kitty Coffee" - and I am required to make a notation when I brew it so my co-workers with no taste buds don't make the *shocking discovery* that it's not their hospital issue dreg-brew.

Having figured out the correct proportions of my coffee to make a perfect pot from the institutional coffee maker, I was carrying a Styrofoam cup of freshly ground beans down to the ICU, when someone on the elevator said, "Now THAT's what I'd call a strong cup of coffee!"

mm-mm good.

saying goodbye

There were a few switcheroos today saving lives, and I wound up in my fav ICU. As I mentioned last nite, it's reeeally busy right now - everywhere. But what topped it off was that a patient who was a frequent flyer for many years and quite a likable character, was scheduled to die... and I was going to expedite the process by removing him from life support.

As I've also mentioned before, is that it's one thing to take care of lifeless, dying patients in a sterile, generic environment, but when the patient is surrounded by crying loved ones, it's an entirely different scenerio.

Fortunately, removing the breathing tube from Tony took place when 2nd shift was on, but I was sitting and charting directly in front of his room where his mom and brother were standing and waiting to go back in. As is sometimes the case, as soon as we remove the tube and ventilator from the patient, they immediately start to gasp, and the nurse and doc have to adjust the morphine to make the patient more comfortable to prevent that from happening.

Since it seemed to be taking forever before the family was summoned back in his room to be with him, I got up and walked over to them. I bent down and took mom's hand (she was in a wheelchair) and told her how sorry I was, and that it was a pleasure knowing and working with Tony all of these years. Of course it was a very tearful exchange, and no sooner had I walked away, I was called to another patient's room to make some vent changes. I grabbed a Kleenex while the doc was waiting for me, and onward I went... and that was that.


Sooo, that was the general flavor of my entire day... and I am very glad to be home this weekend.

Friday, June 25, 2004


I really dislike going to bed early. But you probably knew that already. Saving lives in the trauma/surg icu again. What's a little difficult is that I have a student working with me, and they're at the point where we're supposed to let them handle everything. You wouldn't think that's such a bad thing, but do you know how s-l-o-w my day went today? ugh.

Of course it's busy now. Up and down, that's just the way it is...


oh dear. It's one of those type, erase, type again - "ack, forget it" - moments. Guess I should really get to bed, hmm? but I'm goin' down kickin!

nitey-nite all.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

yin yang

pretty weird


Everything went fine n'dandy today. I am now a colonoscopy veteran. One minute I was asking the nurse if I'd feel it when they started, and the next minute I was saying, "You're all done??" The magic of conscious sedation (versed and demerol!). And I'm clean as a baby's colon. whoopee.

I'm a wee bit woozie yet, but other than feeling like taking a nap, which I can't 'cos I save lives tomorrow, I feel like doing some work as well - so that's good.

So what's with the oldie hippie pic here? I'm still feeling the love from seeing the Woodstock movie last week, and have been perusing stuff from that era on eBay, most notably Peter Max stuff... and Woodstock t-shirts. Pricey little things.

I still have this shirt that I bought, mmm... 20 years or so ago. And it's still as vibrant as the day I bought it.

There are some plasic, blow-up Peter Max pillows on eBay too. I had the "Love" one, but managed to melt a hole in it when I had a brilliant idea that almost set my bedroom on fire.

Anyone remember the scent "Taboo?" It used to come in a stick - kind of like a solid, roll-on deoderant stick - it was icy and smooth, and you could just rub it on your bod to smell good. For some reason, I had an idea that if I lit a match to it, it would burn kind of like incense... or something.

Well, when I put the flame to it, the entire stick lit up like a big ol' fireball, and I screamed and flung it into the air (in my bedroom) and it landed on my bed, and yup, on the plastic Peter Max pillow - *boom* - pop goes the pillow, and if I remember correctly, it burned a hole in my bedspread as well. Not exactly sure how I put the fire out, but that was the extent of the damage.

Did my room smell good then? umm, don't remember. But I did stick to incense after that.

So, back to the hippie pic of me - more about it here - but I've been entertaining the idea of doing little flashback stories, kind of like Mumsy does on occasion. You guys have probably heard a good handful of them already... we'll see.

Finally, the BIG GIG begins tomorrow. More entertainment than you know what to do with! Pretty cool stuff...

Alritey, going to go and light a perfume stick... or something.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Thank goodness for popsicles! (I can have those)
My evening went according to plan, thank you very much.

Another new client sent me a bunch of site links that she likes, and even though I enjoyed them for the most part, they all seem to be stuck in the same color palette. You know, the limey green, salmon-pinky, baby blue... very attractive, but not very unique.

That's the only thing about trendy things in general. Who wants to look like everyone else?

Kind of like me and perfume. I love wearing a scent that no one else has. When we used to go to Vegas every year, I usually bought a new perfume, especially since most of the time it wasn't due in stores around here for a good six months.

Excuse the scattered conversation, but I'm distracted by Conan...

Good news! I have achieved that "ah ha!" moment with the site that I'm currently working on. Drives me crazy when I know that what I've done so far just isn't right, ya know? So I keep trying a bunch of different ideas, browse other places, or, as in this case, ask daughter dearest! She nailed it right away. yay.

I think I'm going to go window shopping now. Haven't done that for awhile. There's another new artist whose work I'm rather fond of, but I think I'd better concentrate on framing the prints I currently have, instead of accumulating any more to gather dust...

numb & poop

Well, this should work out perfectly. I'm not supposed to eat for awhile until my mouth isn't numb any longer (my right nostril is numb too), but then I'm not supposed to eat period because I'm having my first roto-rooter done tomorrow.

Yup, I hit the magical age of 50, so now I do things that I need to do 'cos it's time. So I get to have a colonoscopy. I am currently trying to swallow the delectable GoLYTELY solution... a gallon of it. ugh. oh well. whaddayagonna do...

and then poop.


Just waiting to go to the dentist. yay me.

Andy Rooney is an asshole. I still love Bill Clinton. But I hate politics.

Ok. End of stimulating conversation.


I used to delete cookies on a regular basis. Just because. Never the entire "delete cookies" check box, 'cos that can be a pain as far as signing in to places that I go to frequently, but just selectively.

Anyway, I was randomly browsing places, and although I should have known better, I clicked on a font link that I'd never heard of before on a "designer's site" and damn if I didn't get totally hoodwinked into a maze of popup crap - the kind where you have to ctrl-alt-delete to get the freak outta there!

Then, went I opened up my cookies folder, there were 388 cookies to a huuuuge, long, numbered kind of cookie, probably a dif array of numbers, but damn. piss me off.

But besides all of that... one of the new client sites I'm working on, to make a long story short, she - oh nevermind. not important.

I think I'll go and finish what I started playing with last nite... k?

Monday, June 21, 2004


... and today is a Blues Music day - perfect! Of course I can't mention the blues without thinking of Joe.

Mr. Jenett, is that a brick n' mortar you in that there photo shot?




time warp

That was weird. I had 4 entries all the same, but none of them published last nite.

Yay! It's Monday. I love fresh, new starts, and today is a new day. Only thing is, I must have bugs on the brain. I dreamt that a co-worker was bitten by an unknown bug and died. Probably because yesterday at Alterra, we were talking about a for real bug situation, where a nurse really did get bit by some sort of insect, and had to go home with an iv for antibiotics after a week in the hospital... and she didn't get to take her trip to London and Paris that she'd been planning on for months.

And there were a few more circulating bug stories, so I think it all just overflowed in my brain last nite.

Speaking of work, does anyone else sit around with their co-workers and talk about pooping? or fart and burp in front of everyone else? or is it just a health care worker thing?

Honestly, this is a regular occurrence around our department. It's totally natural. And everybody knows that Mike's farts don't smell, so we don't get too grossed out anymore. Of course there's the usual sex discussions as well... no subject matter is off limits.

Anyway, enough of that for now. Must get some work done around here - it's a wonderful new Monday, and I'm ready! Hope yours is a good one too.


oh crapola. If I would have known this new version of Salem's Lot was continued, I never would have watched it. Well, it wasn't all that wonderful anyway I guess...

It was kind of a good background for what I'm messing around with though. Thought I'd create something fun for FMG, since I have a lot of work to resume tomorrow. Why mess up a perfectly relaxing weekend with doing real work, right?

ya, that's what I thought.

Sunday, June 20, 2004


Good grief! I think I must be nuts (heyheyhey, don't think I can't hear you snickering). Awhile back, an artist that I wrote to agreed to do an interview with me for Art Beat Street, and I'll be damned if I can remember who she was. geeez.

I used to save all of my ABS correspondence, but I don't have that folder either?!

Soooo, I've been straining my eyeballs going thru all of the links, hoping to find her site... I think her name was melissa, and her site was something like, "I Am Melissa," or something like that... dagnabbit.

But then, as I was going all over the place, I was thinking about how e-n-d-l-e-s-s and infinite the links are, and how I have so many new places bookmarked and how I haven't updated the site in forever... and how I wish I would have included thumbnails of the artist's work... and so on and so on... (and scooby-do-be-dooo-be)... ya know?

Oh well.

so who shall be my next victim instead...