Thursday, July 01, 2004

sweet or not

Could someone please tell me how I can make a pot of coffee, put creamer in my cup while I'm waiting, pour the coffee in the cup, and forget whether I put sugar (equal) in it yet or not - all in less than a minute?

Same with taking meds. 1 pill in the evening, every nite, and sometimes I can't remember whether I took it or not... or whether I was just thinking of taking it.

Is it because I do it regularly that the action just becomes second nature and not an event to remember?

the head

Having a scattered day today. Make a pot o' coffee, work on stuff, drink 16 oz. of water and check email n' stuff... wander around, feel fat(ter) tummy and drink a bunch o' water again. Tell myself I'd better get serious, make another pot o' coffee, and do some more work. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

Then I was thinking how I'm saving lives in "the head" tomorrow and Saturday. Used to be a very "coma-esque" sort of ICU (the head being the Neuro ICU) years ago. When I worked nite shift way back when, we used to throw back the curtains that separated the patient's beds (if the patients were all in comas and unaware), and it always made me think of the movie Coma, where the scenerio was pretty similar to that.

We did pretty crazy things on morning rounds as well. Always something to perk up the residents... one of the best things was to put *poop* on the table next to the chart at the foot of the patient's bed, so that when they came to round on that patient, they were grossed out. The perfect poop mix was to take Metamucil and mix it with some coffee - instant and very realistic poopie. Smear it on a towel, and slap it on that table - worked every time.

That unit just ain't what it used to be, but then neither are we really. Don't care to work up there, but we all have to take our turns. Head injuries and spine injured patients aren't my fav. Oh well. It's been one of the busiest units lately, so maybe it'll go fast, hmm?


How long ago did I get my pampered day? Almost 4 wks ago, and I just now removed the last of the french manicure 'cos it was pretty grown out. bummer. I would definitely have another manicure done - in fact, getting it on a regular basis would be good. Seemed to last much longer than if I had done it myself, but, I don't do it myself. Can't be bothered really. As a matter of fact, I'm quite a low maintenance kind o' gal now that you mention it. Just the basics please. But whatever I have done to myself, I want the best. Does that make sense?

I've said this before, but a long time ago I read somewhere that if you have a quality watch and a quality handbag, everything else is inconsequential. I adhere to that, but must add a good haircut to that list.

I don't really shop a lot to decorate my body, but when I do, I want whatever works, and I'll pay for it if it looks good. Quality over quantity. Whatever. Don't know how I got on this subject, but I don't really feel like expounding further. Who cares. ;)

The clock is ticking and I haven't done a hellovalot yet. dagnabbit. I'm outta here!


Beautiful job ladies! So much to read... All Things Girl is back! (you need a guestbook)

old paperbacks

Some of you guys may remember the very popular series of books by V.C. Andrews, most notably, "Flowers in the Attic." Oh sure, they were written rather simply, but I loved them... well, in my search for some gosh darn thing to have on the tube, I'm going to watch the movie. We'll see...

Working on a new illustrator site. It's pretty cool so far 'cos the guy is open to anything. yay.

ok. Movie is starting...

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

yippee, sorta

Good news! Chances are, my insurance is going to pay for a tummy tuck and a boobie job. Bad news? I have to wait until the end of October to even get my first consult! Holy Cannoli! Oh well, the way time flies these days, it'll be here before you know it. Besides, that will give me a chance to further shape my bod now, ya know?

I always said that I would have a face lift done, no prob. But after watching one of those plastic surgery shows on t.v., I can't say that I've ever seen ONE person who didn't look like they had something done. Even some of the stars that have mucho dinero to pay for the best surgeons to work on them wind up with that "look" - like you can tell they had work on their faces done. I don't want that. I just want a flat tummy. And the boobage? That'll just be a bonus. I don't want any bulging, fake cleavage either. Maybe just a boost. ya, that's it.


ahhh, the Wisconsin humidery is back. It's pretty warm already, so we'll probably be turning the air on. I hate that. When I don't have to go anywhere, I don't mind sweating. And my hair is already freaky - has been for a couple of months.

My hair has always been naturally curly, but could be tamed. Then after the surgery, it got thin as predicted, but now it's grown back with a vengeance - and curlier than ever! yikes.

I just had a scarey moment. I've been checking Mark Ryden's site all morning ('cos I like to torture myself like that) and they just put the prints up for sale. omg. icanticanticantnonononono. Let's change the subject.

Leigh sent me a link to a prettypretty site. Go look there instead.

I guess I should get to work. Speaking of curly hair, Mumsy is getting hers coiffed as we speak... going to have some coffeecoffee when I pick her up, with our curly heads n' all.

Oh, know what else? For some reason I feel like a proud mama, 'cos Colin is going to be showing some his work over at Tin Man Alley. yay. I'm so happy for him.

shit, I told you those prints would sell out right away. whew.
(glad I got mine)

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


What the hell is this "whenUsearch" thing that keeps popping up in my browser?? I've never had a problem with unwanted popups... maybe it's the places that I frequent, or rather, don't frequent. But obviously I picked this thing up somewhere, and it's pissing me off.

It was there as a search bar on the bottom of my window when I booted up one day. I could uninstall the search bar, but now, occasionally and randomly, a smaller window appears with ad stuff. I just can't find out where it's stored! damnit.

Anyway. Besides that...

My day as traumamama wasn't too bad. Things happened in a tolerable succession... 2 traumas, and a handful of ER treatments. The thing that sucks about being the trauma/ER person, is that we take treatments in other areas of the hospital, 'cos you can't just sit around doing nothing waiting for a trauma or a call from the ER. So there's a lot of running... being in the middle of something on the far west side, 5th floor, then getting a page to the trauma room, far east side and 3 floors down - I definitely got some good exercise in today. And no matter how long I've been doing this, when the peeling squeal of the trauma pager goes off (which is different than the other ones), it still makes my tummy lurch in anticipation of what it may be, as well as breath a sigh of relief if I don't have to run over there. But, done deal. Now I don't go back until Friday - and - instead of my usual marathon weekend, which it would be, I'm off on Sunday 'cos it's a holiday. So only one 12 hr day - yay.

Hey, know what else? Mark Ryden has some new prints coming out on Wednesday. Good Grief! I'm seriously torn between wanting to buy one, and oversleeping that day so I miss the opportunity. I want the "Tears" one. They're only an edition of 60, so chances are, even if I was ready and willing that morning, they'll be sold out already. blah. Can you say insane?

Know what else I wanted to mention, but I keep forgetting? Do you guys ever visit the Adobe Studio Exchange? There's a lot of goodies to download for your Adobe products - brushes, actions, styles... kind of a hit or miss kind of thing, but I've found some pretty nice patterns and brushes once in awhile. Worth checking out if you haven't.

Okee doke, off to play for a bit. c'yall later.

Sunday, June 27, 2004


I baked a cake today. Imagine that.

I had a taste when I saved lives last week (ok, so it was more than a taste) and it was very delish.

You can check it out over on FMG 'cos I made some more patterns in honor of cake!

Going to bed now... I'm playing trauma-mama tomorrow. poo.


Cool. I think next week I'm going to make an appointment to see a plastic surgeon. I told you after I saw the nurse practioner last time, she said that one doesn't have to have major problems with excess skin to qualify for some insurance coverage and that it was worth a consult just to find out about it. So I think I will. Doesn't hurt to try, right? Plus, being a hospital employee, we get a little discount as well. Wouldn't that be exciting?

Anyway. Today hubby and I went to a wedding. Took the bike since it was finally a nice summer day. But what was the most enjoyable part of the whole day, was watching hubby with his buddies that he's known almost all of his life.

That's him over there (blond guy) with Vinnie, who he's been friends with for about 45 years! And most of the people at the wedding he went to grade school, and/or h.s. with. That's fascinating to me because the longest I ever lived anywhere growing up was maybe 4 years or so - being the Air Force brat that I was. I just can't imagine that...

There were so many little things throughout the day that I wanted to talk about, but it's hard to translate into words, especially right now since I'm pretty pooped out. Very mellow though... just basking in the afterglow.

Hope you're all having a marvy-poo weekend too!

commercial break

I want to tell you guys about my day, but there's a "Before and After" plastic surgery thingie on Discovery Health that I amazingly haven't seen before. This woman on now just had a tummy tuck and boobie fix after losing a lot of weight, and that's what I want to do, so I'm very interested in this one... sooo, I'll be back, k?