Saturday, July 17, 2004

bikes n' stuff

Hubby's all excited... the 2005 HD bikes are out and he's gettin' a gnu one.
His last one I bought him on Sweetest Day, 1991. It's been rebuilt and supersized and chromed out, but it's time. After concluding that a chopper really wouldn't be practical (mememe), and the Screaming Eagle is w-a-a-y too much $$, he's going for the Road Glide and then customizing it to his liking. I'm just so damned spoiled with the Classic that we have now - like sittin' in a leather recliner. But, it's his baby.
Got my patchouli and my moss fern tarts burning, fresh pot o' coffee, and ready for a fun-filled day of web site creation. Tomorrow we're meeting a few friends on the bike and going to a Kustom Kars car show & church festival, so that should be fun.
Hope y'all have a good one!

inspire me, depress me

After I finished on "the site" update, I kind of just vegged and browsed around for ideas and inspiration to begin a new site as well as change my point of focus and work on others. A couple of portals that used to have good links haven't been updated in forever, and that can be dangerous.
You know, links to urls that are no longer valid, which of course leads to pop-ups and all sorts of nasty things. poo. One of the best is still FWR for some outstanding web site linkolas, but too much of a good thing can also be depressing to an intermittently insecure person such as myself, know what I mean? 'ho well.
I'm hungry.
hmm... just go to bed already, wouldja?

Friday, July 16, 2004

odds n' ends

Did you know that you can print out a new "coat" for your Starbucks tumbler?
Who's buying these "popular" fonts? I mean, don't you get many of them on your computer? Well, ok, so maybe they primarily come with software...
I wish it wasn't so late... OH, what was I doing before? Just seeing if changing the font etc. within this new blogger interface would work even tho there's a style sheet... it does.


ooo, blogger did some different stuff here. cool.
Hey, and I get my prints tomorrow - yay.
Know what else? It's Friday already. wah. That makes me sad 'cos the week went so damn fast - like a vacation, you know, how you don't want it to be over. Of course hubby is excited. Friday means different things to different people.
oh good grief... I am just so profound it's killin' me. wait, let me try something...

got carbs?

I'm not sure why people get so upset over another person's diet. It seems to really piss people off when they believe that something is misleading and others are going along with it (but they're not). You could feel that way about anything in life that you don't agree with. Politics, religion, and so on and so forth. Bottom line? So what. How does that affect you (what another person chooses to eat)?
I agree that it's annoying to hear about carbs carbs carbs ad nauseam. But it annoys me when my husband talks back to the evening news every freakin' nite about John Kerry too. It annoyed me a few years back when every product in the grocery store was advertised as having less fat/no fat as well.
The no carb/less carb way of eating is nothing new people. I'm old enough to remember, and participate in, the "Protein Diet." Make that liquid protein. When a person has a weight problem, like myself, you'll try just about anything once. For me, it was the planning and structure of a lot of different diets that helped me. I wanted to be told what to eat, how much, and when. It was a system - organization - that I couldn't seem to accomplish on my own, even though I could recite calories, fat content, exercise routines and knew what I ultimately had to do to lose weight. But when you have an inheritant tendency to be fat, most times any successful weight loss doesn't last for very long.

I'll never forget how the last time I lost weight, I just kept thinking, "I'm going to be one of those 5% of people that keep the weight off for longer than 5 yrs!" And I did. Sort of. But that's another story.

Probably the most important aspect of eating less carbohydrates, is that cutting down on carbs (simple carbs) is that you're less likely to overeat. Less likely to be hungry sooner. Less likely to snack and crave more carbs. Eating more carbs raises insulin, which then lowers blood sugar. This causes a desire (or craving) for more food and, in some people, carbohydrates. That's the way it works. At least I know it does for me!

I have a different origin for eating mostly protein (per my M.D.), but even that in itself has to tell you something. I don't eat as much because of my smaller tummy, so I need to eat the most important things first - and that's protein, followed by complex carbs.
Speaking of my surgery, although it's changing a little bit, there's still an attitude that people have about weight loss surgery. Just like the low carb diets. People get pissy about it. I dunno, maybe it's jealousy - who the hell knows.

ANYway... just my take on things...

This took too long to write, and now I'm getting sleepy. ha! putting myself to sleep dagnabbit. and my butt is numb. But that's from working solid all freakin' day, and I'm still not finished with *the* site update. poo.
I need more water. ahh yes, water. Now that's a good diet!

Thursday, July 15, 2004


bah. Got up at my usual 9-ish, peed, then went back to bed. I hate when I do that. So I'm still all kinky stiff. I know Mumsy, everything is relative. Regardless, I'm just babbling before I get back at it (work that is).

No road trips today. Solid work. It's beautiful outside. Even if I don't go out, it makes me feel soooo much happier when it's sunny out, don't you agree?

ok, 2nd cup... I'm gettin' there.
hey, have a GREAT day everybody! I love you!


It's all Michelle's fault.

I haven't been to the Internet Archives for eons, and even then, I don't think I ever looked up some of my sites. So I just got thru browsing around old bitchblog archives. Weird. Maybe not if, unlike myself, you still have all of your archived blogs.

Yikes, I'd better stop now - I'm looking up everyone's sites! Think I'll go to bed.

fonts (again)

I know that I talk about fonts frequently, but I must. I was thinking about my fav font foundries, easily counted on one hand, but then I kept thinking of others. A review of where I get most of them:

Of course, this was brought on because I'm looking for something for a new site (I know, I know, any excuse will do)... and then I started thinking of the fonts that I fell in love with but have never had the occasion to even use them.

Have you ever done that? Bought a font and never used it? Are you madly in love with a font but just can't justify paying that much for it? hmm, just wondering.

Anyway. One more day should take care of that site update, then I can do some fun work again. whoopee.

damn, I forgot that I took a couple of popsicles out... slushsicles.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

foul mouth, foul mood

ya, I just keep swearing to myself... mainly "wtf?!" Why? HellifIknow.

This UK Queer Eye is dumb... but then, everything is dumb today. 'cept my hair. It turned out pretty good, at least for now.

I need extremes today. Something extreme. I want something extreme to drink. Water doesn't taste good. I'm sick up to here with coffee. I'm looking for an extreme color palette for a client. I wanna be wild and crazy and it pisses me off. and no, I don't do "that time of the month." Haven't since 1986 thank goodness.

So how the hell was your day?

pee-pee inhibitor

I'm bordering on feeling quite pissy right now - not only literally (altho that's resolved) but mentally. Not sure why. Placement of my moon in Pluto today or something.

Went to relieve myself, phone rang... ok. Nothing important. Try again. Phone rang. BAH! It was just hubby checkin' in. Ok. Third time's a charm. Now I'm just biding my time until I get my hair cut. I'm presenting myself to my hairdresser (who probably knows it anyway) with a full head of humid curls and fluff. I haven't seen her in awhile 'cos she had surgery and was gone, so she hasn't viewed the latest development of my new hair growth. So it probably doesn't need much cutting, just shaping, or I will have a tight little 'fro goin' on if it's any shorter.

I need to stop at Starbucks and get her a little prezzie - a belated "get well" gift. I am madly in love with their current "Black Apron" coffee. Ethiopia Harrar is just out of this world. Expensive being relative. A treat. What's 12 bucks for a treat (half a pound)? That's sort of how I look at everything actually. When people comment on how expensive something is, I always break it down... compare it to the cost of something else that we use daily.

Gasoline. Food. Necessary things that cost money. And I look at the overall picture of what we do for entertainment and the money we spend... which is pretty damn minimal in this household. Which is fine. We don't spend $$ on going out very often. We don't rent movies. I don't buy clothes, or shoes or jewelry. Yes, I spend money on prints, and software, and photo/illustration CDs. Different strokes, yes?

So what's a 12 dollar bag of coffee that lasts for a week?
See? That's what I'm talkin' about.

Speaking of prints - my Mark Ryden print as well as those Emigre posters are due to be delivered on Friday - yay! Mark my words - I will definitely get that one framed in a timely manner - honest!

So there you have it. Crabby still? nah. I'll be ok. Get dressed, put the top down on my car and get out for awhile. Talk to you later.

Monday, July 12, 2004


Know what? Well, first of all, my enthusiasm for doing work after work has fizzled - understandable. Sooo, always feeling the need to do something, I thought I'd download the entire contents of FMG to my pc, and then organize from there (such as delete and republish neater and more compact). pishaw! This is a job that will take more than what I feel like doing at the moment. There's a kazillion megatrillabites in that site. what to do, what to do...

I know I've mulled the idea over before... but I'm feeling like it's getting nearer and nearer the end of an "era" - know what I mean? hmmm... will I feel sad if FullMoon Graphics goes away? yes, I think so. Oh well. No rash decisions tonite, or this week for that matter. Too many things to work on besides that.

ok. Forget it for now.

yay. That was easy.

skipped out

Yippee! I got to leave early - only an 8 hr saving lives day instead of 10 hrs. And, not one itty-bitty page to the ER or the trauma room. It was a great Monday! and I'm hot-to-trot for web work.

Damn, can it get any better?

Sunday, July 11, 2004

inside out

It is hotter than a sonovabeetch in here. Just in here, nowhere else. hmmph.

Anybody else watching that Trading Spaces special show? Not too bad - good background t.v. for me. Actually, I'm done for the day. I was really on a roll all day, got a lot done. yay. Tomorrow I play trauma-mama, then I'm off for another 7 days, which I'll need 'cos it's that site time of the month.

ho-hum. That's today's exciting update. Have a great Monday all.