Friday, July 30, 2004

Friday stuff

So ya, just hangin' out in anticipation of the upcoming marathon saving lives weekend... putzin around, nothing too productive. Power slamming water 'cos my peepee is too concentrated and I don't think I'm following my 2:1 water to coffee ratio. Kissed hubby bubbye as he and Roger took off for the Harley Rally... did I tell you that they're building a super duper Harley-Davidson Museum here in town? Well, they are. Should be groovy baby.

I was sad to hear that the Ryan Seacrest show is over in Milwaukee. Mumsy laughed at me 'cos the article about it going off the air said how it appealed to young teenage girls... oh well, what can I say. I enjoyed watching it.

My client whose site I bitch about updating every month, informed me that they are no longer using Quark for their publishing tool - they're using Adobe CS/In Design. yay. sort of. "Yay" 'cos I almost upgraded Quark this week. Received a notice about a special upgrade price, and was just pondering the purchase. And "sort-of" 'cos that means I really need to get my ass goin' and call Adobe support about the quirky install that is preventing me from using it (CS). Nope, never did do that yet. :::heavy sigh:::

Know what else? I think I'm going to delete my Cafe Press shop Because it's a premium store, I pay $6.95 a month, which simply comes from any commissions that I make. I think I've gotten one check in 3 yrs, for 40 bucks - that's it. Granted, I've benefited from it myself the most for buying gifts for people that I've created, but heck, I can do that on a NON-premium store, ya know?

Alrighty, I think that's all the exciting news I have for the moment. Have a great weekend everyone - c'ya later.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


I have a nasty taste leftover in my mouth from eating aspartame laden popsicles. blech!

Normally, I'm a Splenda/popsicle kinda gal, but I happen to be out of MY popsicles and ate one of hubbys. I've never reeeally tasted such a noticable difference in any other sugar substitute item that I've eaten.  yukky.

this one's for you batty

My day otherwise? 'twas a good saving lives day. I was the flo-ho, and it's really quite slow again. I hope it lasts thru the weeknd, hmm?

I know I've probably said this before, but when I'm saving lives and I think of how long before I get to go home, I get soooo excited when I think about the sites I have to work on... I love it so very much.

I'm such a dork.

Monday, July 26, 2004

random updates

Colin has some gnu work... and Sandy has some beaUtiful new jewelry up (I love that woman's stuff!).

Hey, did you see what Joelle & Skits are talking about? I don't know about the prom thing, but I'd definitely try for Vegas... remember this one?
never did get there...

ya, I'd go. Wouldn't it be fun?
(can you name any of those faces?)


Just waiting for my afternoon pot o' coffee to brew... breaktime.

Know what? Something that I always think of, but I forget to bring up here. I'd like to hear if anyone else has heard or experienced this - 'specially you doggie lovers.

My little girl Lucy, is a real baby. Seriously. In act, word and deed. I've never had a dog like her.

Anyway, at nite when I go to bed, she's already down there 'cos she goes to bed with daddy earlier, k? Well, she's a momma's girl for the most part, and gets so excited when I come to bed, and immediately makes a beeline under the covers and down to my feet. She licks and licks and licks - she's so happy. Then she makes a circle, snuggles up against the curve of my legs, and very rhythmically licks in one spot... kind of slow and deliberate. And the way she does it, it almost feels like she's sucking, or simulating sucking. Then she sighs, and settles down to sleep.

Now, I know cats do the "kitty stomp" with their paws when they're feeling mellow, but I've never had a dog do that. Not that Lucy does anything with her paws, but I really think that she's reverting back to some childhood memories when she fed from her doggy-mommy when she "sucks" like that... you think?

Whatever she's doing, it's a very secure and loving feeling - for me too! I love my Lucy girl.

Okee doke, carry on. Break's over.

Happy Monday!

Got my creamer! yup, got up early(er), threw some clothes on, and went to the store for creamer and popsicles. The essentials.

My cousin Melanie and I always said, "got my vodka and ciggies - all set!" Well, she said that more than I did... she died years later from liver failure. BUT, no dismal jibberjabber this morning - I'm fresh, rested and ready to go.

Bring it on baby - Happy Monday guys!

nice is over

t'was a nice relaxing weekend, and I'm so glad I'm not saving lives tomorrow. No "sun bumps" today. Don't know why I started getting those lately in the sun - and not even for being in it for very long... and they itch like a son of a bean!

Tonite I got up to look at the t.v. guide, which was on the table between hubby and dad-in-law... and as I was standing there, dad-in-law looked up and said, "I had to look twice 'cos you're getting so skinny I had to see if it was you!"
ahhh, music to my ears.  :)

Of course it's all relative to how I was, I'm certainly not skinny. But I did lose 5 more lbs, making the grand total to 123 lbs lost - yay. It's pretty slow these days, but I guess I'm getting to where my body feels it should be. Now I just have to exercise more...


I think I'll go to bed early and start my day awake tomorrow. Even if I don't have any creamer for my morning coffee. Bummer. You know, if I was single, I would go right now so I'd have it when I got up, but if hubby woke up he'd think I'd definitely gone over the edge... even tho he should know better by now.