Saturday, August 14, 2004

no archiving

I just decided not to archive any of this drivel. I'll show 10 days at a time on this page, and that's that. What for? Who reads the oldies anyhoo?

whew. Big decisions, and on a Saturday yet.

Mumsy, that movie was "No Down Payment" - good stuff.

Friday, August 13, 2004


This is for Anne.


Just a quickie before I go and save lives... sis-in-law is here from Philly, and her and Dotti brought us some custard shakes last nite. ugh. Of course I ate mine and proceeded to "dump" badly.

In the world of gastric bypass speak, it means that you have a reaction to the sugar content and essentially, feel like shit. So I went to bed early, and then got up at 3:30. All better now.

That'll teach me. Very nasty indeed.
Going to be a long day I think. c'ya later.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

back to normal-ish

I did a lot of work today. That was a good thing. Now it's 'my time' o' day. Do I want more coffee? hmm... maybe I'll wait a bit.

Still working on the FMG redo/upload the damn site already. I'm doing a kind of collage-type splash page, and do you know how time consuming it is to go thru all of my resource CD's for images? Holy moly. Of course, I can't find exactly what I want, out of a bazillion images that I have. dork.

I'm so anxious to get it back up and running, but I don't particularly feel like doing what I have to do to get it there. ha.

Going to the dentist tomorrow. I also got the first of 2 packages delivered today - hope the other one doesn't come tomorrow when I'm gone. Since Mumsy isn't sharing, I'll tell you - I bought her a new PC, minus the monitor (she's currently using my 19 in. one from my other system, works just dandy). I think I'm more excited than she is.

h'ok, back to image gathering. xoxo


Thanks for the sympathy guys.

You know, you have a routine in your life. Things that happen and that you do every day. That included stepping around Dolly 'cos she never moved an inch wherever she plopped herself down for a nap, or pissin' and moanin' 'cos she was barking to go outside - again. A lot of little things, day in and day out... same routine.

Then all of a sudden, after all of those years, you don't have to. And it's quiet. And Lucy didn't bark quite as often tonite. She didn't have to call out to Dolly to come and see the mailman walking past the house like she usually did.

One thing hubby and I were talking about was how Lucy was going to have to speak up for herself now. She never had to before since Dolly was the designated speaker when they had to pee. Seriously. I've never heard Lucy ask to go outside, ever. Isn't that funny?

I'm ok. It just feels weird, and it will for awhile.

Thanks again my friends.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Daddy's Dolly

we love you Dolly
Dolly 7-28-93 ~ 8-9-2004

She's in a better place now. We're very sad and will miss her very much. She went into acute renal failure, and ultimately, there was nothing we could do.

It's never an easy decision, but we only wanted what was best for her. :(

poor doggy

Dolly Dog is still sick. In fact, I'm kind of afraid to go downstairs. I need to check on her, 'cos she's been laying on the cool, basement floor all morning.

When I got up this morning, the puke spots weren't visible on the carpeting, but they were definitely there - as my feet can attest to. Hubby said she also pooped in the house this morning, which she never does.

Oh dear. I think we're coming to that fork-in-the-road that all pet owners are very familiar with. Is the dog in pain? Is it fixable? Since she's aging - and large dogs have shorter life spans - we're entering that zone where we may have to make some major decisions.

But first I should go down there and see what she's doing.

slimy toes

Good grief. Know what just happened?

Well, a little while ago, I went to get more water, and when I opened the door, DollyDog was layin' there, which is kind of unusal to begin with 'cos she goes downstairs with LucyGirl and hubby when they go to bed, k?

So, some time passed... opened the door again to get some more water, and all of a sudden I stepped in something gooey and slimy - in fact, I almost slipped in it! So I turned on the light to see a lake of gross, wet, dog puke. ewwww! And it got on my pant leg too.

Naturally, I limped to the linen closet, got out some old towels, took my pants off, and started cleaning up the floor, hoping that dad-in-law wouldn't come out of his bedroom to see my bare ass stickin' up in the air while I cleaned the floor. ugh.

gee, that was fun. She also drank a ton o' water, so I hope she doesn't have a repeat performance...

Sunday, August 08, 2004

nice sunday day

Had a luverly day at the State Fair... did all of the usual fair stuff. Eat, walk, smell horse and cow poop. One thing I finally did that I've been wanting to do for the last so many years, is purchase a music CD from a group of fellas from Ecuador. I think the music is very relaxing and upbeat. They have a few samples on their website, if you're so inclined to listen.

Besides all of that, there's some really weird things happening on my computer. Pissing me off. An earlier version of Net Objects Fusion (the one that FMG is on!), keeps crashing on me. As long as I'm updating the entire site, I thought that I would migrate it into the newest (v.8) version, but I'll be damned if I can. In fact, now I can't even open the darn thing.

Then tonite, I can't even open v.8! The error message says it can't find a certain .dll file, and to reinstall. WTF? I haven't done anything new, or installed any new software that may have precipitated this mess. I don't know what the heck to do.

Well, I'll reinstall v.8 and see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed for me, k? Here goes nuthin.


Yay! I know what I'm going to do now.

As anyone who's ever created anything, you just know when you landed on the right design, right?

I farted around for way too long, playing with something that I knew in my heart wasn't going to cut it, yet I continued and wasted valuble time, dagnabbit.

Sorry about talking so much on this subject, but hey, that's all I can think about, ya know?

so. I just wanted to share my happy news.