Saturday, August 21, 2004

workin' be-boo-bop

Break time. Waiting for my afternoon pot o' coffee to brew.

Hey, you guys who grind your own coffee beans - can you honestly tell the difference? I have a NON-burr grinder that I can't tell the dif with... is it worth it? hmm, just wondering about that... it's not like my ground coffee sits around very long, so I just don't know whether it would behoove me to grind it myself.

While working today, I've started 2 different movies to have on in the background, and during both of them, I received business calls that I had to take (what are they doing calling on a Saturday??), so I missed big chunks of the story lines. Oh well. Guess I wasn't meant to watch them... not all that interesting anyway. S'pose I'll just stick with TLC stuff for now.

Okee doke, Packers play tonite. Hope they look better than last week.
c'ya later.


Saved lives the last couple of days... nothing too remarkable. Came home and crashed - couldn't stay awake to save my soul. Actually slept pretty much all nite, which worked out well for having something entertaining on the t.v. now since TLC repeats everything all nite (am I speaking fragmented-ly?).

Putzed around and organized my bookmarks a bit. woohoo. Thrill a minute. Tomorrow we set up Mumsy's gnu computer - yay.

So that's the poop.

See? and you wonder why I don't write in here more frequently...
Have a groovy weekend all. xoxo

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


yay. I reached my goal today, and that was to get done with that site update (which I did) and then to work on the FMG re-do during the wee hours (which I am) so that tomorrow I can get back to all of my other o-so-patient clients. yippee.

Man, both of my coasters are waterlogged. Kind of defeats the purpose, hmm? Does anyone use those "sandstone" coasters? Do they work, as far as absorbing the moisture? I need to get some I think... (that site sure has a big selection, but nothing that I'm wild about).

Know what's kind of funny? Today when my FedEx guy was walking towards me, he inhaled the air deeply and said, "It always smells so good here."

The first time he said that I was so surprised, 'cos I have the door closed so psychotic Lucy girl doesn't freak out right in our faces...
"You can smell that?"
"Ya, smells like strawberries or something."

So that's fun to know. Must have had fresh tarts in the burners or something.

Okee doke, c'yall later.

Monday, August 16, 2004

oh good grief

Thanks to Patti Ann, I found some interesting stuff via Copyscape.

Actually, you'll see most of her pages have word for word descriptions the same as on Ink2Art.

I guess my consolation is her portfolio.
(sorry, couldn't resist)
(ok, ok, I'm sure she's a very nice person - after all, she likes cats... but c'mon, originality and all that dude)


ahh, yes. It's that big update ::sigh::... sorry.

Other than that, it's a gorgeous day outside. And daughter dearest is now flying over somewhere or other on her way to Hong Kong. My bebe. She was feeling a little apprehensive this time, probably because she has a lot more reponsibility with this trip - she designed the new packaging that they're going to get set up and preview. She'll be ok.

What else... yesterday Jen & I went to the Morning Glory Art Fair. Nice jewelry. Very nice. There's a few of the artists that have web sites, but not my fav one. Hopefully I may change that. ;)

Anyway. Break over. Talk later.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

link check

I just did something that I don't know why it took me so long to figure out. There's exactly 901 linkolas over on Art Beat Street, and I've casually wondered about how I could check them periodically for broken sites. Well, duh to me.

Over on the Net Objects Fusion Bulletin Board, someone was asking about doing just that, since it's pretty clumsy within the program itself. They mentioned a free download, "Xenu," and I thought woohoo, cool deal. Well, to make a long story short, all I had to do this whole time was simply run a link check thru Home Site, which is what I use to create that page anyway! Jeez luizzz. What was I thinking all this time?

Anyway, we're all neat and linky-verified now. Aren't you excited?

Know what was really weird? Just a few minutes ago, when I went potty, I bent down to straighten the rug out 'cos it was all crinkled up on one side. Then I had to pause, and thought, oh my. The only time it would get like that is when Dolly Dog went in there to lay down and would shuffle the rug around to make a nest. Honest. There is no reason for it to get like that all by itself. awww, hello sweetie. :(

We got a letter from our neighbors today, with a poem of sorts written by Martin Scot Kosins. Isn't it lovely? That was very thoughtful of them, wasn't it?

Ok kiddies, I think I may go to bed... Happy Sunday.