Friday, August 27, 2004


I can't tell you how much I miss Jay Leno and Conan. My late nites are filled with, God forbid, Lifetime movies and reruns of all Discovery Health programs. I can't watch the damned Olympics 'cos I don't watch the t.v., I listen to it. dagnabbit. I've even turned on Letterman, who I can't stand. It's hell, I tell ya.

Do any of you remember me talking about trying to find a brand of incense that I bought at the House of Blues in Vegas? Well, I think I found it! Where else but on eBay. And you know the brand/scent "Nag Champa" (if you're an incense person you probably do)? I found some essential oil and lotion in that scent. Haven't received it yet, but I hope it smells as good as the incense.

Guess what else? I lost some more poundage. I don't remember where I was at before when I talked about it, but I'm now at 138. yippeee! I really do need to go clothes shopping, but no day is a good day, although I'm anxious to see what size jeans I'll wear... the last pair that I bought (size 12) are getting pretty baggy in da bootay, ya know?

ooooo, BIG lightning flashes out my window here. Hope this rain clears the damn humidity we've had the last couple of days... getting sick of having the air on.

Alrighty kids, that's my exciting news for the day. What's gnu with you?

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

so on and so forth...

yup, nothing but a big ol' etcetera around here... create web sites, save lives, drink water n' coffee and sleep (sometimes).

What else can I say that I haven't said already? or link to that hasn't been mentioned already on many of the fine linkeroonie people out there? nada. zilch. kaput.

I do know that I feel like I've been spinning my wheels for far too long with this latest deluge of new client sites, which is good about having them, but I need to finish them, ya know?

Soooo, things are cool, but will be sparse reading around the KittyKitty...
but I still check up on y'all, so behave yourselves!