Friday, September 03, 2004


Yum, what a loverly day. One of the gals at Starbucks recommended a yummy coffee blend for me to try. She ground a half pound of one of my fav beans - Sulawesi - with a half pound of espresso beans... ahhh, scrump-de-lee-icious! Which reminds me of the annoying way that some people say espresso. They stick an X in there. It is not eXpresso people.

Anyway. Then mumsy and I went to Target, and I almost bought a new pair of jeans. "Almost" because they were too darn long, but they fit WUNderfully otherwise. And best of all, they were a size 8! Fit like a mofo glove! They looked and felt so great, but just too long, and they didn't have a petite. poo. Oh well, next time. It was getting too late to go anywhere else, plus we still had to go to the grocery store. yuk.

You know, I don't go shopping very much anymore, but boy, when I do, that shopping beast comes alive within me, and I could shop all day! Maybe next week some time I'll go on an all dayer.

Have to save lives tomorrow for awhile. Noon until 8:30. Kind of odd, but I'm doing my good deed for the year and working for someone else who needed off.

So have a good 3-day weekend everyone. Be safe, and enjoy thyselves.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

purple hair

Going to get my hair cut this afternoon. Don't remember if we allotted time for color or not... I normally get a refresher every time it's cut, but for pizzazz, I usually need more time.

Pizzazz? Purple streaks? Nah, maybe just really bright lightness here and there. Ya, maybe that's what I need. And I'm driving with my top down for sure, and with a CD blasting in the player and a Venti Starbucks by my side. Yes indeedy, that'll do the trick!

Plus, no cooking tonite. I made a nice pork roast last nite, and hubby wondered what the occasion was.
"Someone coming over for dinner?" he asked.
He also told dad-in-law that he must have been a good boy to garner a fancy-schmancy dinner.

See? There's a motive to my usual Tuna Helper menu... when I do wind up cooking normally, they reeallly appreciate it. ha!

You know, I was thinking earlier about my state-of-mind, and I thought maybe too much coffee drinking could be a contributing factor (yes mother, I hear you over there!). Sooo, I'm cutting back.

I just need to brew a small one before I go for my haircut.

Funny Face

I'm feeling a little sad... while I was browsing around over at "glubagluba" (that's how I say it in my head) for a little inspiration or something, I started thinking about how darn long it's been since I updated Art Beat Street. Add that to poor little FullMoon Graphics, just sitting there all naked and everything, and I have to wonder, "What the hell am I doing these days anyway??!"

I've gotten rid of 24-7, I don't write in here very often (or redecorate), my house is just as untidy, I still feed my men Tuna Helper and Marie Callender Pot Pies, and I still sit at this desk 18 hours a day.
(and I'm not getting any richer)

What is wrong with me?

I need an extreme mental makeover!
(oh. I'm watching "Funny Face" with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire - hence, the title of this post)