Saturday, September 18, 2004


The Greatest Show on Earth, one of my very very favs!

bah, learning on a saturday

I am making myself ill with this damn update. Not only did I receive the disk late, they are now using InDesign for the layouts (as opposed to Quark). I don't know InDesign. I do know Quark. It's also a beautiful Saturday. Hubby is out and about on the bike. I am not.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

breaker breaker

So ya. I didn't get very far last nite with this, and I lost my "play time" window of opportunity.

I installed pMachine, looked at it, got distracted (no! moi? get distracted?), then it got later. and later. and still no redo.

This morning I uninstalled pMachine, and stuck up this blogger template. And here we are. Can't play during the day, so you'll have to look at this thing a little bit longer.

And that's the poop.


mm-mm-mm-mm-mm. I am in love.

and very shleepy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I'm taking a break damnit. (ha! had a typo that said "I'm taking a bread..") (for frustrated no-carb eaters)

Anyway. This working and working and still not getting far (ok, so I'm moving along better now) does not make for a happy kitty. I can't work 24/7 and not tend to my own R&R at least once in awhile, right? Just 'cos I don't punch a clock doesn't mean I don't stop working.

ya, that's right. Right on mama! Oh, and I bought some batteries.
(for my camera ya piggies)

So, if you see odd things going on these pages, like a butt-ugly template, it's all temporary, k?


About 10 yrs ago, Milwaukee had a huge case of diarrhea - cryptosporidium. A friend of ours had one of the first cases, unfortunately it hit him on the plane when we were going to Vegas! bummer. I never got it, and I still think it's because I always drank a lot of tap water. Always. Nothing fancy-schmancy, just plain tap water (that's where the crypto was). I believe that I became either immune to it because of that, or had built up such a tolerance that it didn't affect me.

Just like getting sick in general. I don't think I'm a "sickly person" simply because I'm exposed to bugs all of the time. Of course, I come from good German stock, so that helps (I heal well and fast). And I think because I don't mind a little dirt here and there.

I was thinking about this when I popped a cherry tomato in my mouth and it kind of tasted like earth. hmm, guess I should've washed 'em first. But I don't always. I don't always scrub-a-dub my mushrooms perfectly clean. Oh, sure, I get the visible dirt balls off, but too much scrubbing and they bloat up with too much water and it just takes that much longer to saute them.

But I'm not a fussy person. Drop a ciggie on the ground outside? Sure, I'll pick it up and smoke it anyway. Unwashed fruit, veggies and such? I'll wash 'em, but only if there's visible caca on 'em. And of course I wash my hands ALL of the time at the hospital - I'm not a careless or stupid person, just not anal. Know what I mean?

Having said that, I just urped up said cherry tomatoes. Ate too many, and they just popped back up! (that can happen with my little tummy pouch)

Anyway... just passing some time before I go and vote then pick up mumsy and take her for her haircut.



I want a pretty, neat blog. Neat and compact and pretty.

I was lookin' around late last nite before I went to bed, and just about any of the, mmm, "popular" sites about coding, design, and css are what I'm talking about... such as:
Alazanto, Mezzoblue, Hicksdesign, and Cameron Moll (and just about any of the links on his site).

Get the picture?


Speaking of pretty, Veer has a new collection of typefaces, "The Bluemlein Script Collection." Some very nice looking scripts. yum. But I have put a self-imposed restriction on my font buying. Must stop. nonono. Actually, I'm applying this restriction to buying anything. I've been wa-a-a-y too loose with my moolah lately, and that's not a good thing.

A couple of things that have tempted me in the last 24 hrs... this print, those fonts, and... well, that's it in the last 24 hrs... not too bad. Nothing too earth shattering, or that I couldn't live without.

I did download a couple of spiffy new gadgets from Iconico. Haven't tried them all out yet. It was getting past my bedtime.

Well, I did receive *the disk* this morning, so I guess that means it's time.
c'yall later.
OH! One more prettypretty to look at - Pretty Rhinos.

ok. bye.

Monday, September 13, 2004


My "monthly update" client is late with the disk again. wtf. I schedule my saving lives days to be off a few days before the 15th of every month, expressly to work on the update. So I'll get the disk Tues., and then I save lives on Thurs. n' Fri. There is no way I will finish it by then. damnit.

poo. It's humid in here... and what the hell is psycho dog yappin' about?

bah humbug.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


In celebration of my new, size FIVE jeans, I've decided to put my little weight loss journal back online. Yupperooni, tried on a size 5 of my (now) fav style Lee jeans, and they fit Xcellent, I was so excited!

So anyhoo, for those who've already read it - there's nothin' new in there. I was just going through some of the pics I have on my computer, and started to gather them to put up, but then I got tired of it - but I will. In fact, the month after my surgery is when I bought my new webcam, and made a few quickie movies - talking n' stuff. They're pretty funny actually. But I'll be darned if I can open the program where they are. Probably because I unplugged the camera awhile ago, ya think?

Here it 'tis...
D.I.L.F.I.T. (aka - Do I look fat in this?)