Saturday, October 09, 2004

specs (finally)

'member how I talked about getting new glasses, mmm... how long ago? Well, I finally got 'em - yay. I tried to take a pic, but I'll be damned if I can - they turn out dumb looking. I also made an executive decision (couldn't get ahold of my CFO) and got sunglasses right away. It's so amazing to really see well when I'm driving! Imagine that.

Sooo, just waiting for mumsy to call me from the grocery store. Poor dear, has been out of food for a couple of days - it's a wonder she could even walk to my car (I'm kidding mumsy!) (I know, smart-ass whippersnapper).

I think I'll make some coffee, k?
Have a great weekend all.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

What Makes You Happy?

I was driving home from a quick run for my smelly stuff (Yankee Tarts, White Barn room spray, and of course, since I was there, some Ethiopian Harrar), and I felt pretty good.

Someone asked me the other day, what I do to make myself feel good. So I was thinking about that on the way home. What truly makes me happy? What makes me feel good? And taking that a step further to EXclude material things, since shopping can be a problem for me - trying to make myself feel good when it actually can be detrimental for me.

So I decided to try and make a list of 10 things, non-material things, that make me happy. Ready?

1) The love of a good, kind man.
2) Having a thoughtful, beautiful inside and out, and caring daughter.
3) Having my mom alive and near me.
4) The sun shining on my face, and a wonderful breeze blowing.
5) My dog when she rests her head on my shoulder like a baby.
6) Hearing a great song on the radio while I'm driving
7) Feeling all snuggly and warm in bed.
8) Getting my work finished and knowing that I did my best, and my client loves it.
9) True blue friends that love me no matter what.
10) I love to make other people happy with things that I do (strokes!)

I thought that I was going to have a more difficult time thinking of 10 things. hmm. Not too bad.

So what makes you really happy, down to your toes?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

show n' tell

One of the changes that I am making in my routine, is to get decent sleep. Yessirree, sleep is good. Over the weekend, I actually went to bed *with* the hubby - imagine that. I did tell him he's going to have to compromise during the week, since I truly enjoy watching Leno & Conan. But 1:00 will be my curfew (yes, almost there).

So I will make this brief, but I want to show & tell.

Today on my way to take Lucy-Dog in for a beauty appointment, I brought Mumsy along and we went shopping a bit. Long story short, I bought a new pair of jeans, AND, they were a size 3/4! yahoo! I love 'em.

So what I was trying to do, is to take a cutsie photo, with the size tag thingie showing, but since I was contorting myself to show the back of the pant leg, the pic is a little blurry, and actually, not all that hot. BUT, what I never thought that I'd post, is a really terrible fat pic of me. But I did.

Wanna see? (oh I know, the drama) Ok, it's over here.
taa-daaa. I did it!

Ok, almost curfew, and I must brush my purple teeth (popsicles!).
luv yew.

Sunday, October 03, 2004


Yup, amazing thing that mind/body connection. Stress has a funny way of influencing how your body and mind work when it takes over. Kind of like it did to me a week ago. Had to take a little break from the office here and spent the last week in the hospital. No, not saving lives, just repairing mine.

And it is - repaired that is. Along with some lifestyle changes along the way, things should begin humming right along again.

So things are cool.

Spent last nite just lazily browsing around... in-between short bouts of intense cleaning. Go figure. I seem to be having a difficult time sitting here for long periods of time like I had been. ah-ha. Maybe that's a good thing.

Anyway, found a few places to snoop around in - like Aunt Beep's place. Of course most notable, was clicking on the credit for the designer of the site, Denise Biondo. Very nice work. Take a look at her portfolio. Good stuff. Including a quite simple demo of how to make sushi. yum.

Hey, Colin's work is up over at Tin Man Alley (the Halloween Ghost Town Show). yay Colin!

Finally, I revisited a few places that I haven't been to for awhile, and browsing around made me feel rather mellow... especially over at Penelope's place. I think she's redone it since I was last there. Now I want to draw again (ya, ya, I know).

'hokay, wash is done. Next task.
c'yall later.