Friday, October 15, 2004


I feel the need to be almost constantly eating lately. And that's not good. Granted, it may be a piece of beef jerky... then a yogurt... then a mozzarella stick... but I have this urge to snack at all times! I hate when that happens.

But I think I just found a new one. A new snack, that is.

In my rummaging around for something, I took a mouthful of sunflower seeds. Then I cut a slice of a granny smith apple. And you know what? It tasted like a taffy apple! or, caramel apple, whatever you want to call it. And without the added sugar and fat (bad-4-u fat)! yummy without the guilt. BUT, if it's not a guilt thang, take a look at these mouthwatering caramel apples!

paper show

ugh, I really, really dislike having to crawl under my desk and mess around with the pc tower. It's never a piece of cake. BUT, long story short, I did get the new usb card in, and everything is just peachy. now.

Jen and I went to the paper show last nite... got some nice envelopes and cool paper samples, and of course, a yummy buffet of hors'deurves and wine. Every year, I think I'm getting a little wiser, and more selective in the stuff I grab.

You know what I did though? I got my hair cut last week, and for some darn reason, I have a hard time blow drying it and styling it the same way she does. Sooo, yesterday on the way home from the computer store, I drove by my salon, stopped in, and Bryn was able to do my hair! yay. Now, when you see this pic, you'll probably wonder what the problem is, 'cos my hair is pretty short and simple, right? BUT, it's also naturally curly, so to get it straight can be a royal pain.

Anyhoo. Now I must get dressed and pick up mumsy for a popsicle run. I'm going to keep an eagle eye on her butt when she comes down those stairs dagnabbit!

c'yall later. OH, and go read Anne's interview - she cracks me up!

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Since my real sister is nowhere to be found (Happy Belated Birthday to her), I have decided to officially adopt Patti as my new sister.

'cos she makes me feel better, and that's what sisters (and friends) are supposed to do.

So there.

And now I'm off to buy a freakin' new USB 2.0 card 'cos this new USB 2.0 capable DVD player runs like crap on this slow-ass card I have now.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

blood,sweat, and tears

An inexpensive way to own a little piece of Mark Ryden.

Tomorrow nite is the annual paper show that Jen & I go to. Yippee! More goodies to do nothing with. Well, at least she uses what she gets... I keep my stuff for, you know, the day that I might need it. pffft.

My biceps are sore today. I think I dozed off here with my arms up around the top of my head last nite.

I'm procrastinating. It's *that site* update time. Had to go and buy a DVD player just to read their disk that they sent to me. Piss me off, I was really surprised that my 2 yr old CD-rw wasn't able to read a DVD.

Such is life. (I seem to be saying that a lot lately)
later taters.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I forgot what I was originally looking for, but came across this site once again. Han Hoogerburgge is amazing. Just make sure that you drag the little cross-like icon that says "drag" to move the menu to the right hand side of the screen, then click on the interface circle and check out the archives. Good stuff.

And now I'm going to bed and cry tears of grief for my beloved Packers.
They sucked!

Monday, October 11, 2004





c'mon Brett, bring it on home baby!

I gotta tell ya, watching this game and working at the same time is making me work reallyreally fast.


Now we just gotta come back!


Wow, that really took my breath away to learn of Christopher Reeve's death. Doesn't seem real.

Don't know what else to say.
Have a productive Monday everyone.