Friday, October 22, 2004

can too!

I'm still having a lot of cravings to eat stuff, and the fact that hubby bought some Klondike bars doesn't help.

"What the hell are these?" (annoyed that he would even buy them)
"I bought them for Pa - you can't have those"
"I can if I want to!"
"You're not supposed to eat 'em"
"Well, I could if I wanted to, I just choose not to."

so there.
But I get so tempted damnit. So I eat a pickled beet instead. As a matter of fact, every time I open that jar, I start singing that song... "I like BIG BEETS and I can not lie..." lalalala... but ya, the sweetness of a big ol' whole pickled beet squishes my sweet tooth. And a strong cup o' coffee does it for me too.

I swore I wasn't going to make any coffee tonite, but I almost took a Klondike bar, so I made a fresh cuppa' instead. I mixed half Sulawesi with half Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - yummmmm.

sooo, anyhoo. Just waiting to go to bed for the most part... bored and don't feel like doing anything except getting the weekend out of the way.
ya know?


A lovely surprise was in my mailbox today - lookie. Wasn't that nice? They (Ryden et al) sent that to me "with their compliments." Yes, I know I bought the darn thing already, but it was a nice customer relations thing I think.

groovy baby.

Speaking of babies, my baby girl is in MadTown right now for the Badger's Homecoming game. woowoo, be careful baby, and Go Badgers!!!


Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be saving some lives for awhile... hopefully, there won't be so many lives to save that I don't get to see both of our team's games, hmm?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

updates etc.

Well, I have finished the final *big client update* for the last time. Yessirree, I have bowed down from that position. whew.

In my quest for a less stressful life, I came to the decision that it's been one of the big stressors that I could eliminate. As a matter of fact, I'm even going to save lives a little bit more. Yes, oddly enough, that is less stressful at this point than my business has been.

So there ya go.

I don't feel like talking right this sec, so I leave you with a few neat places to browse, k?
- Nancy Fleming - Love her jewelry!
- Some of the cuuutest photos of puppies! Not sure if these are downloadable, because it's in Japanese, although I did notice a "cart" for purchasing (I would assume). One is just cuter than the next (lots of images to load fyi)
- Ask Yahoo - where have I been? Kind of a handy place to bookmark for those trivial things that come up sometimes.

hmm... thought I had more. Guess not.