Saturday, October 30, 2004

manly observations

Few things of note of today...

While I sat in the car and waited for Mumsy to make photocopies at the local hardware store today, I couldn't help but notice how polite these man shoppers were (and the majority of shoppers moving in and out of the store were men). Two good lookin' guys stood patiently behind her while she threw something away in the garbage can in front of the door. Their faces held no contempt or anxiousness while the sweet little old lady (!) held them up a bit. Score #1 for fix-it manly men.

Many of the guys had their little future fix-it men in tow. Awwww... teachin' em young (and probably giving mommy a break at the same time!). And each and every one of them had nice asses. I kid you not! Must be the squats they do while they do their manly-man repairs...

The content expressed above does not reflect this author's opinion about stereotypical man-as-sole-repair-unit, seeing as she is generally the primary "fix-it" person in this particular household (not including motorcycles and cars).

Another man-like routine (or maybe not so routine) that I observed today was when I was putting on my jeans.

Now, I don't know if it's because they're supposed to sit lower on my hips than I'm currently wearing them, but I find that I have to kinda-sorta adjust my umm... crotchal area. The inseam is a tad high and tight, so if I'm not careful, I'm a little, mmmm... split up the middle, if you know what I mean.

I don't know if guys have to adjust themselves to hang comfortably on one side or the other of their inseam, but it's something that, at least for me, I can't say that I ever noticed this much before.

Must be the jeans, hmm?

On a final manly note, yay for Northwestern today! They beat Purdue in the last 38 secs of the game - great game! (had to get a football fix since the Great Ones didn't play today.)

Y'all have a great Halloweenie weekend!
Go PACK!!!

Monday, October 25, 2004

24 hrs plus

I find it mildly amusing that after ecstaticly completing my 26 hr saving lives weekend for another month, that I'm sitting here watching The Critical Hour followed by The Residents on Discovery Health.

Unwinding? hmm...

Yes, it was a busy weekend, and I did indeed save lives. Well, except for one. But that was inevitable regardless of anything I could do.

And, as usual, it was a busy freakin' food fest! grrrr.... why do those people that I share my hours with in that institution insist on force feeding me food all day! I tell ya, no mercy!

Couple of hysterically funny moments that probably won't translate very well, except maybe for this one.

When I leave the ICU, I always let someone know... so I told Sharon that I was going to the floor, and proceeded to fall ON the floor (as opposed to walking out of the ICU and doing a treatment for a patient not in the ICU (on the floor). Well, that cracked her up, and she wanted me to perform the neato trick again in front of Karen, only this time, when I "fell" on the floor, my hand smacked the floor loudly, and Karen let out a humongous guffaw, which in turn caused the resident (and a few others) to run to the back of the unit where we were, only to see Karen clinging to me and helping me up, with both of us (and Sharon) laughing hysterically.

They just stared and sized up the situation and shook their heads... ha!
Weirdo freaks.

So that's the lighter side of my weekend, and my curfew has arrived. I must get to bed so I can start my web warrior week all fresh and shiny.

Hope y'all had a good one!