Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Feeling rather introspective tonite. Saved lives today and had a brief flurry of activity in the trauma room ('da tramua-mama)... no, nothing that made me sad or anything, wasn't there with either patient long enough for emotions.

Just tired I s'pose. Funny thing is, it's depressing me to look at art/graphic sites tonite (which is what I do sometimes when I'm tired). I'm reading. Yes, reading. No, not like a real book or anything, but reading about graphic design and art... and opinions and essays.

What's amusing to me, is that when I started out relaxing tonite, I looked at a site that offers... well, it's too much to type, but the upshot is that I was looking at the templates and wondering if I shouldn't just use those "cookie-cutter" templates for clients and designs etc., with my own reworking n' stuff. Then I was reading one of the essays on Speak Up which totally confirmed that what I'm currently doing is best. duh. What was I thinking??

Well, I guess I know what I was thinking. Wanna hear? (yes I'm rather chitchatty, go away if it annoys you.)

I told you how I'm picking up more days saving lives and taking on less work here, yes? Number one is because of the stress. Number two is because of money. Yes, a regular paycheck, on a regular basis.

Since my business (me) is never going to be, and I don't want it to be, one of the "millionare success stories on Oprah" - you know, starting out as just me, then hiring a bunch of people and moving to a big ol' office and blahblahblah... I need to either do what I'm currently doing - picking up more hours at the hospital - or work muchmuchmuch faster on my client sites, and that ain't gonna happen. Why? because I don't use cookie cutter templates, and I work frequently with artists, and "fast" and "cookie-cutter" are not words in their vocabulary. Or mine.

So. That is why I was thinking what I said I was thinking w-a-a-y so many words ago.
Got that?

Ok then, now I get to eat my juicy sweet (I hope) pomegranate that I've been saving until Law and Order was on ('cos I can't type with gloves and pomegranate juice on my fingers). xoxo

Sunday, November 07, 2004

new kid on the block

yippeee Linda, we did it!

Linda's new bouncing baby web site - Abby Creek Studios.
Congratulations mama.