Friday, November 19, 2004


Hola! You know, the longer it goes without posting in here, the less I feel like it. I guess that "dependency" goes away after a time...

Let's see, what's happening these days?

Lucy girl has an owie somewhere... seems to be in her, mmm, leg? although she can walk, she screams (literally!) if you pick her up the wrong way. Of course, she IS a drama queen, but something is definitely hurting her. In fact, I remember taking her to the vet once before when she was like this (probably a pulled muscle or something) and the vet said that her fear overrode her pain, so he couldn't tell what was hurting her! We'll watch her thru the weekend, and re-evaluate Monday.

Yes, 'tis my saving lives weekend. hohum.
Have just been working on client sites, and of course, got FMG back up... been adding a few things here and there... as a matter of fact, when I'm done working this afternoon, I'm looking forward to finishing a shiney new set for y'all. Yup, been taking more time for myself lately. Just working until a set time, not all freakin' day and nite on client work, ya know? 'bout time, yes?

Of course there's a Holiday stuck in the middle of next week. Yes, I'm getting to be more and more scrooge-ish in recent years. bummer.

Cool ring! (and no, that's not my order)

Alrighty, break's over... gotta reply to some emails (yes K., you're on my list!)
Have a good weekend everyone.

Monday, November 15, 2004


Not in the mood.
damn bandwidth.

*ok, all better. That really bummed me out!

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Hey, I finally did it!

Now I must sleep fast.