Saturday, December 04, 2004

open letters

Funny as hell.

From McSweeney's "Open Letters."


Now what did I do?! Well, I seem to have pissed off the radial nerve in my left hand and now it doesn't work... there appears to be name for it - "Saturday Night Palsy" - imagine that. Thing is, it wasn't Saturday and I wasn't intoxicated, but you get the idea.

Thurs. nite, hubby went to bed, and I just wanted to finish a few things before I followed... had to save lives again, but I was relaxing and bonding with my computer for a few more minutes. Well, I fell asleep. Woke up about 30 min later, kind of leaning over on my left side, and when I got up, my left arm/hand was all spazzy. wtf?

First thing I did was to go into the bathroom and smile at myself in the mirror to make sure everything was equal bilaterally (stroke??). It was. whew. ok, well maybe it just fell asleep and would be all right in the a.m.

Fast forward to getting up a few hrs later - nope, not better. My hand was still droopy at the wrist, and I couldn't use it. Hubby had to fasten my bra, 'cos I still went into work, if just so that I could go to the ER, which I did.

Bottom line - was diagnosed, got a splint, went home and made an appt with my doc on Monday, and here I am typing with one hand. Piss me off. Apparently it will just get better when it wants to... if it wants to.

What a pain in the ass. But at least I'm right-handed...

Other than that, I must share with you a few gems...
- Sandstrom Design - who would've thought I'd read the entire site? There's no pretty pictures, but dang, how unique.
- Thinking with Type - Did I show you this before? Good read.

alrighty, going to put my lovely splint back on and do a one-armed trip to the grocery store with the mumster.

(I'm wearing my clasp-in-the-front bra, so I'll be ok -just in case you were concerned)

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

1st snow n' stuff

Yup, our first real snowfall. o joy.

I've been rather selfish lately... absorbed in my own thing, working, writing, etc., smoking way too much. And now tomorrow I'm actually saving lives 3 days in a row! (did I say that already?) That's ok though (geeesh, I'm really having deja vu here folks). Anyway, it will be a good change of scenery for me... like, seeing real people even.

After all of the browsing I did over the weekend, I came across some very unusual sites, so I leave you with linkage in my abscence, k?
- plantage - takes awhile to load, but turn your sound on and enjoy. very tranquil.
- Marco Cavazza does some excellent work, and even though I couldn't read a word of it, the sheer brilliance of the design had me quite fascinated for awhile.
- funfunfun...Marcelo Lozadzada's illustrations.

You know, I finally got around to organizing my bookmarks, and I'll be damned if I can find some of the other ones. 'ho well.

Alrighty, I'll be an early bird the next few days, so off to bed I go. OH, wait! I have a new food snack! I love my yogurt, right? But I'm out of the GoLean cereal that I sprinkle on it, and I really do prefer a little crunch with my munch, soooo, I put my yogurt in a little baby ice cream cone. Yup! They're only 15 cal, 0 sugar and fat, and just 4 gms of carbs (if you're counting). And it added the crunch that I craved. yay!

okee doke then, until next time...