Friday, December 17, 2004

shiny happy flashback

I had a sudden urge for an old, aluminum Christmas tree. You know the kind, yes? I saw one in the Art Gallery down the street, and it was so pretty glistening and sparkly in the window. Then you put that rotating colored light dealie that colors the tree, 'member? As a matter of fact, I still have the original light from my grandma... how the heck I wound up with that (and still have it) is a mystery to me. Anyway, I got this tree on eBay!

And here's little kitty, sitting next to my grandma's aluminum tree, playing my new Alvin & the Chipmunks album. yippee. (pssst... mumsy made that dress) (she told me to tell you that)

Maybe this will get me interested in decorating the house for Christmas this year... put a little zip in my zing. Something new, something old.

I'm excited to get it!
Interesting was that while on eBay, I noticed a few of my Hallmark Nostalgic Home series ornaments were selling for 50-80 dollars! woah. Of course, a collection like that is something one would never sell, ya know?

Well, this is my saving lives weekend, but tomorrow's a short one (10 hrs instead of the usual 12) 'cos we're going to Jennie's b-day party that a friend is having for her... mainly to meet all of her friends who all call hubby "Paul senior" (from Orange County Choppers) so they all want to meet him. Oh ya, and I thought I'd tag along. hmmph.

Then after the 12 hr Sunday, hubby's picking me up and we're going to my Xmas party. woohoo, a regular social butterfly. not. I just hope the hospital is quiet this weekend... keep your fingers crossed for me.

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Love You!
Happy Birthday Baby!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

quick while I'm here

I have a con-nec-tivity problem these days. Not me in particular, but my internet cable connection. They can't come and look at it for a WEEK. And on Sunday to boot. bah.

I was also quite quite irritated today - with a lot of things. Dell called me about my payment, due on the 11th (which was sent in on the 9th). Not only could I hardly understand the person's thick accent, I told her she surely had more productive things she could be doing than harrassing me for a barely tardy payment, and during the holiday mail madness for heaven's sake.

Mark my words, the next pc I buy or have custom built will be from our local computer geek store, where I can speak to someone #1 - that I can understand, #2 - where there isn't static and blank-outs when I am talking to that person on the phone, and #3, see #1. Fuck this outsourcing bullshit. I'm serious. It sucks.

And as long as I'm sharing my annoyances of the day, on the news it was reported that a known sex offender who was just released from jail, was arrested for trying to assault an 11 yr old boy. wtf? That disgusts me. I still say that ANY convicted sex pervert should be castrated. period. With no anesthesia. Shoot, then the jails wouldn't be as overcrowded 'cos you could just do the wack-job and send'em home. boom. just like that.

Finally, why this little onslaught of spam in my comments lately? (I know they're nothing like I used to get in MT)... just some little punks I imagine.

so there. Hopefully I'll spread some additional joy later... if I'm connected.