Friday, December 31, 2004


Just made a fresh cup o' coffee, hangin' out... watched an old thingie about Frank Sinatra on PBS, singing with various other great ones. You know, typical NYE stuff around the Mead Estate.

Here's to another year my friends!
Love you all, and thanks for being you.

Thursday, December 30, 2004


I just told Junie-Moonie that I was going to hit the hay early, but I wanted to tell you about a couple of new books that I got today (and for xmas).

Jim Krause has been on my hero list for some time now, but that status has been elevated to super-hero after reading his 2 newest books, Design Basics Index, and Creative Sparks. Dang. Creative Sparks is soooo right on (you can see some of the content on that link).

If you're like me and need inspirational and motivational words, as well as many, many examples, that book will do it - ANY of his books will do the trick. And if my eyes weren't currently on the verge of popping out of my head, I'd read more of the Design Basics one right now (did I tell you that Jennipur got me that for Christmas?).

ok then. Bed.

minor bemoanings

Yes, it's all relative... but... in a nutshell...
- My fingers are throbbing 'cos I have dry-skin-cracks on just about every one of 'em (you know, like those annoying paper cuts but deeper).
- My weekly inner clock is screwed up due to saving lives on a bunch of different days.
- And last, but not least, I have bad gas pains and feel like I'm going to implode any minute now.

So that's that.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

You're not getting Older...



Monday, December 27, 2004

lingerie & push-up bras

I'm feeling rather sexy these days. Could be because I've weaned down on the Paxil, which as you probably know, has a tendency to decrease your libido. Could be because I can fit in my old, revealing teddies, which makes me feel erotic and desirable. Maybe it's because I bought a silky, push-up bra today, and it does wonders for my silhouette.

Then maybe it's just because I haven't had any for awhile dagnabbit. Having a parent living with you is just like having kids around... gotta find the right time. Not to mention a dog that follows you everywhere and sleeps under the covers with you... and barks n' whines if we close the bedroom door. geesh.

I think we need a weekend getaway.

But then who would watch the dad-in-law?

Sunday, December 26, 2004


Hot off the press - a few Christmas pics. The last 3 photos are prints that I got from Jennie. Aren't they neat? I think I'm going to have to move Colin's art to a different spot... AND, I can do it effortlessly with my handy-dandy new laser level and stud finder that I got from hubby. yay!

Ok, Jennie & Jimmy are here, so we have a few more things to do - c'yall later.