Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I was so incredibly hyped up yesterday and got tons o' stuff accomplished. Today? Well, not as manic, but mellow and quietly working.

I just dislike being interrupted by things such as hair appointments and such. Wrecks the eb and flow of things, ya know? or saving lives. darn sick people.

ok, that was mean of me. People can't help it if they're ill. Well, actually, many can help it. The head doc of the trauma care services says there are NO such thing as accidents. They are car crashes. Not a car accident, but a car crash.

When I was mental and tried to off myself many years ago, the total hospital bill was over $50,000. My insurance thru the hospital did not pay a penny of it. Nope. Why? 'cos it was "self-inflicted." (hubby's insurance wound up paying all of it!)

Never mind the drunks that wind up in the ICU with fried livers and brains, possibly waiting for a transplant, incurring thousands and thousands of dollars in hospital bills. What about the 400lb guy in the CICU with clogged arteries from eating Krispy Kream donuts for breakfast for the last 20 yrs and needs a rotor rooter to unclog those suckers? Will his insurance pay for the surgery? Didn't those patients get that way because of their self-inflicted actions? How about the kid who stands on the roof of a car to see if he can surf while the car does wheelies around the parking lot, and he falls and cracks his skull open?

The list goes on and on - how did I get on this subject anyway?
now I'm crabby damnit.

And how come my Yankee candle tarts don't smell as strong these days?? Gotta replace 'em again. Ya, that's what I'm going to do right now, and make some coffee.