Saturday, February 05, 2005


I can't physically write with a pen anymore. Honestly. My fingers have difficulty scrawling words around on a real piece of paper. It's probably a combination of all of the little dry, wash-my-hands-1,467-times-a-day, winter skin cracks on my finger tips, with the fact that I just don't write much anymore in my daily routine.

I type on the computer all day here, and we chart with a computer at the hospital. I use a debit card when I shop, where I just punch in numbers and never have to sign anything. 50% of the time I verbally tell my husband what to get at the grocery store, or when I compose the list for him, it's with great care that I print clearly, simply so that he can read it.

Of course if I'm writing a list for myself, or jotting any notes down to myself, it doesn't really matter how damn illegible it is, 'cos I can always read it.

Anyone else have this problem?

morning wakeup...

Usually when I wake up, I don't turn on any music or tv, but this morning I put the music on 'cos I had a song in my head from nowhere, and sometimes when I turn tunes on, that song is playing (kind of odd, but it happens).

Anyway, so I've got the music on and I began to answer emails right away, and I just realized that it's not such a good thing to do before I even finish my first cuppa. Making my brain cells work so soon after waking up isn't very good for them - makes me confused.

But, speaking of brain cells working, yesterday saving lives I had a very educational day.

We have a new pulmonologist on staff at the hospital. He comes from working in Hawaii and has very different methods of ventilator management - modes that we don't/haven't used in our institution... but has implemented on a couple of the patients that I was taking care of in the ICU yesterday. Very interesting. And it brought out a new desire in me to learn more and follow up on these methods. As a matter of fact, when I got home last nite, I did some research on the subject. Kind of nice to read about that sort of thing again.

We'll just see how long that desire to learn about saving lives info lasts. Need to get into my web design mode again. But hey, the best of both worlds, right?

Ok, need to let my brain cells recuperate for a few more cups o' coffee for now.

Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

coupla more..

Just have to show you these...

Kathleen Lolley, Kathie Olivas, & Blaine Fontana.

good stuff.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

state of the "I can't watch my shows!"

blah blah state of the union blah blah... sorry, I'm just not interested.

Have you ever taken the stairs in an office building (wherever there's a huge, long stairwell), and as you go down, you picture yourself falling? I hate that. Kind of like when you're driving, and as you approach a stoplight, you picture getting smashed by someone running the red light... I don't know why I think of those things.

Know what's funny? Browsing around (I'm done working for the day), I visited the Jonathan Levine Gallery, and as soon as I saw the photo on the about page, I knew it was the same guy from Tin Man Alley. How 'bout that. Big deal, ya I know.

Know what else that's kind of weird? I just noticed it - when I reached up to tuck my hair behind my left ear, it felt funny, like a little numb (my ear). What's up with that?

Ok then. A few linkolas...
ride'em cowgirl!
Check out these boots and accessories! wowsa.

I love Daniel Peacock. I want all of these. Or some of these t-shirts... ok, ok. Back to reality.

awww... I like his work. Jon Izen. so cuute.
Erik Sandberg - very distinctive artwork. Different. I like.
Another very distinctive style of artwork - pcp gallery (no, not that pcp)

You know, I have soooo many more links in my bookmarks that I need to put up on ArtBeat Street, but I can't keep adding them like they are now. I guess I could add another page, but gee I wish I had started out with little images with the links, ya know? Like Glubibulga (don't you just say "glubba-glubba?" I do). They do an excellent job with the linkages. Like Annie-Bannanie too. But, it's too late for that. Can you imagine me going to all of the sites and grabbing an image for each site linkage? oy. I don't think so. hmm. So that's why I haven't updated it 'cos I don't know what to do. :(

Alrighty then. Need more water. Hey, speaking of Artbeat Street, I'm doing a gnu interview, yes indeedy. Stay tuned! Maybe I'll do that now, k?
later taters.

o my!

wow. Quite the coup I would say. (via the skinny)

*update* Our accountant just called - long story short, our meeting is postponed until next Monday - yay!

blue collar

Hubby's employer just filed bankruptcy. What the hell. Milwaukee used to be a very blue collar town, but most of those businesses have freakin' bit the dust (Schlitz Brewing Co., Allis Chalmers...) (thank God for Harley Davidson). Don't know what the future holds, but hopefully they'll be around until May - hubby can retire (30 yrs and out)! Granted, he'll only be 55, but then he can work at the hospital as a security guy! Fun! (yes, I know I just linked to that today).

You know, I could just sit here and refresh my mailbox, and get at least one email that I must answer (besides the spam). Maybe I should just get work and be productive and not do that. Ok, I'm goin' I'm goin'!


we love Joe This is for Bran. We love Joe! (click on the image)

I interviewed him over on Art Beat Sreet, and he wasn't exactly the most prolific artist that I interviewed, but I also had occasion to talk to him on the phone a few times, and he is a real sweetie (and I think you can see that on his photos)

Yes, I'm still procrastinating. dagnabbit. Get to work!!

hey bartender

hey babyI'm procrastinating. I need to collect all of our tax stuff to take to our accountant this afternoon. yuk.

I must go thru all of my receipts from the biz... it always surprises me when I see in black n' white how much $$ I spent in software, image CDs, fonts, etc, ya know? It's no wonder I have no money left at the end of the year.

But I've turned a new leaf. Watching myself and the impulsive purchases that I make. My CFO will see to that.

Anyway, maybe one more pot o' coffee and I'll get my tush going on that. And yes, that is me - circa 1972. That was the photo I had to take for my bartender's license in Ft. Lauderdale. Curly, humidity-hair n' all... can you say Flower Child?

Ok, onward! Have a great Wednesday everyone (Wednesday already??).

Monday, January 31, 2005


eat me
Thanks to Joelle, I dumped a hunk o' money at Bath & Body Works today. T'was a quick, smelly run to the mall for my Yankee Tarts, then I had to check out the new stuff at B&BWs - yummy!

Saving lives tomorrow, and I'm so glad that it's just for one day. The hospital is bursting at the seams! I ran into a nurse at the mall, and she said that today there were 4 codes today (when a patient stops breathing and will die if not "coded"). That's crazy. Patients that aren't as critical and don't need the ICU bed, have to stay there 'cos there's no available rooms on the floors.

Last time I was there (Friday) there were 3 Cystic Fibrosis pts. When we give them their therapy, it's quite lengthy and takes up a good chunk of time. That's rough when there's more than one.

The ER had to close to new patients and divert them to other hospitals. Of course the traumas are never diverted - have to take them.

Soooo, I guess I should get to bed and get a good nite's sleep so I'm ready to tackle anything. Fresh as a daisy, yes indeedy.

Have a good one, talk soon.

appointment overload

Don't worry, be happy
Today is a 2 pot coffee morning. Just made a kazillion appts... Lucy Lu's grooming, MY grooming appt, a meeting with a new client (this time at my office - Starbucks), my root canal appt, psychiatrist med update appt... let's see... appt with tax man, and today I meet with my therapist (ya, it helps to keep in touch) - she has a way of "grounding" me when I need it and don't even realize it.

Unfortunately, I must go grocery shopping. yuk. There is nothing in the cupboards or the fridge. In fact, last nite I wanted something, and I had a sudden craving for some really crispy french fries - soo, at midnight I flipped on the oven and baked those suckers. Wasn't quite as satisfying eating them as the thought of eating them was. 'ho well.

Yes, that's the "Don't Worry, Be Happy" song that KittyKitty is singing. Thought it was a good message for a Monday morning, ya think?

Alrighty, coffee's ready - back to work.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

It's Official!

I am proclaiming today as a "Me" day. For my sanity, for my health, and because I can.
whaddaya lookin' at?

Just going to veg out, maybe create something for FMG... who knows what the rest of the day holds in store for me.

I knew that when I dropped mumsy off at the grocery store this morning in my slippers and anvil head, it was going to be one of those kind-o-days.

yay. Let the slothfulness begin!


I love all kinds of dogs (animals in general), and someone emailed me about a rescue site for Pugs (web stuff).

I know there are many, many rescue sites out there, I just don't normally visit them because I really have no reason to... but, I was checking out Pugsavers and of course had to go to the "Needy Dogs" page... just breaks my heart to see all of the brave little souls there.

When I was little I dreamed that I would live on a farm when I grew up and adopt the ugliest dogs from the pound. That was before rescue sites came about. God Bless them and all that they do.
(Never did live on a farm though)

no humps here

KittyKitty's advice of the day:

who loves ya baby!

Nipples up!

Instead of the usual "shoulders back, stand tall" reminder, I like to tell myself "nipples up" because it's just one move/action to straighten out my spine. I don't want to be one of those little ol' hunched over ladies when I'm 80 yrs old.

I think I may have even told you that before - saw an older woman on the Tonight Show, who, when asked about her perky posture, said she always tells herself "Nipples Up" - so I thought that was a pretty easy way to maintain good posture.

Remember that.

buggy ear

eeewww... I've seen this episode of "Trauma - Life in the ER" before, but watching the woman who came in with an earache 'cos she had a cockroach stuck in her ear still grosses me out (it was dead btw).