Saturday, February 19, 2005

*clink * clink * clink*

You know, I was just looking at Sandy's wonderful jewelry, and it reminded me of my fav perfume lady over at Marshall Fields.

When it's time for me to peruse new fragrances, I always make sure I shop when Kiara is working. She's really tall and thin, always wears black, and has a collection of silver on her wrists that goes up almost to her elbows! She clinks and *tinkles* when she moves, and inevitably finds a new scent for me based on what I describe.

But her bracelets - one of these days I'm going to make her stand still so that I can look at all of them... she's pretty cool... as a matter of fact, now that I'm writing this, I think I mentioned her once before.

Did I buy a new perfume? Nope. Not this time. Hey, that is really one of the most painstaking purchases for me. Oh, not just the foofoo scents and creams from Bath n' Body Works - those are the fun smells not to be taken seriously. Besides, they never last very long.

I think this could be a long, rambling post, so I'm outta here.

friday... no, saturday...

My fingers have been too sore to type lately, but I just bought some of those rubber "cot" thingies for them... you know, like I just cut the fingers off of some latex gloves. They seem to be helping 'cos I can slab some lotion on first... well, anyway, s'ok for now.

So. working working working. I spent all day simply updating current client sites... news and yummy stuff from everyone.

Plus, I had two meetings with potential new clients, and I got the jobs! Both are with local companies, and they're garden related. Nice change. I'm really pumped about one of them - it's a well known botanical garden in Milwaukee, and the current site is an abomination! I can't wait to get started.

What else? Hubby and I went on a date last nite. Went to see Toby Keith and Ted Nugent. It was actually my b-day prezzie to hubby. I'm not a huge country music fan, but I don't mind it. The concert was very... mmm, Patriotic. From what I've read, Ted Nugent toned it down a little from his usual political preaching, but when he sang "Kiss My Ass," everyone was hootin' n' hollerin - including hubby.

All in all, it was a fun nite.

Jennie comes home tomorrow from Cancun. Can't wait to hear how it went for her.

'hokay kiddies, enjoy the rest of your weekend. c'ya later!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Ok, is this a new scam or something? These are the top five referring sites to
How do they do that? and why?? so that I visit the site to see why they're linking to me? and hope that I'm captivated by the content on their site? I visited the first 2 links and got the hell outta there before they had me spinning my wheels to get out.


repeat creative

"Admit that your own private Mount Everest exists. That is half the battle."

I know I've seen this somewhere before, but I need to link to it in case anyone missed it - "How to Be Creative" from Hugh at Gaping Void... so much to read, so little time at the moment. Just rediscovered his site again from the MARN newsletter (good place to visit as well).

sun n' fun

Daughter dearest should be getting ready to put her bathing suit on right about now... just left for Cancun early this a.m. Lucky girl.

Did you know the time zone down there is the same as Central Time (same as here)? That's weird to me. hmm.

Paris Hilton in a few years?

Speaking of weird... I'm addicted to looking at all of these Photoshop images! Gotta stop. Must work!

Look what hubby planted this year!

Yup, hubby sent me some more photos today and they had the url on the bottom of the images. Funny (if you like that sort of stuff). I uploaded a couple more here if you don't feel like browsing that site just yet.

Anyway. Woke up this morning all happy and looking forward to finishing up some sites. Really excited. Not sure why the happyhappy today more than others, but Hey! I'm not complaining.

So merrily I go along - hope your Tuesday is as happy and productive!

Monday, February 14, 2005

home sweet home

My saving lives weekend was unremarkable - that's a good thing. It was just long, as it always is, and busy, but manageable. So that's that for another month.

When I get home after those long days, I go into my office, turn on the tart burners, turn on the computer, and as I sit myself down on my chair, it is with such warm and fuzzy feelings to be back - surrounded by everything that I love. Isn't that funny? Does anyone else feel that way?

Do you talk to your computer? Oh, I don't mean the cursing that takes place when it doesn't do what you want it to... I mean the caressing and sweet nothings that you whisper to the monitor. I love my computer. xoxo

Besides all of that, it's back to web work... renewing domains and registering new ones. I love doing that as well. Purusing my babies - 64 of them to be exact.

I'm a geek, what can I say.

I also brought in a few of my drawings to the hospital - Karen wanted to see them. One of them was my "Ode to Longfellow" drawing - always liked this one. The words are from "Psalm of Life" from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I've had the poem on FullMoon Graphics for awhile now. Love it.

Hubby sent me an email with some interesting paintings - paintings that have a little twist to them. I've uploaded a few - check'em out here. Unfortunately, I don't know who the artists are, or where they came from. Like I said, they were in an email with no credits added.

Okee dokee, must get back to work. For some reason, I can't stop drinking coffee lately... upping my usual consumption. I'm still getting my water in (2:1), so I don't get dehydrated. But you know what bugs me? I hate it when I'm in a hurry, and finally get up to pee, and it takes FOR-EVER... never ending potty run. geesh.

Okay, I'm outta here - Happy Monday!!