Saturday, March 05, 2005

fun n' creativity

yup, it's the usual post-saving-lives post... you know, where I write about how I'm happy to be here, browsing such n' such kind o' links 'cos of course I'm "just vegging out" after my day... etc., etc.

After exploring "creativity" sites - most notably by clicking around the member sites in the Blogs Illustrated ring, I wasn't thinking about what you probably think I was thinking (blahblah must create blahblah), I was actually thinking that I don't have much fun in my life these days.

OOhh, I don't mean that things are icky or anything like that, just that I don't do anything for fun. In fact, I think I laugh the hardest when I'm saving lives, probably because I'm around real-live people. Sure, my family makes me laugh and they make me happy, but that hilarious, side-splitting, tears streaming down your face kind'o laughing happens quite frequently at the hospital (stress relief?).

Actually, I think I just veered from the subject. Laughing and doing something for fun are 2 different things. Is doing something for fun the same as having a good time? Does age make the difference between the two? Is it "mellow" vs "exciting?" Kind of like intense infatuation and strong sexual attraction vs deep, lasting love and snuggling?

Working working working (whether it's work you like or not, performing life's daily chores and such) instead of getting lost in a good book or going to an art museum for pure pleasure... is it boredom vs breaking out of a comfortable and "safe" routine? Can a comfortable routine be called fun?

Geesh. I confuse myself when I think too hard - at least out loud. Maybe I'll just go to bed and start fresh in the morning, yes?

Monday, February 28, 2005

New Interview - yay!

Ok guys - quickie post 'cos I must do domestic duties for a bit, but I just wanted to share Art Beat Street's newest interview-ee, someone you all probably know and love, Penelope Dullaghan. yahoooo!

Read and enjoy!
c'yall later.