Saturday, March 12, 2005

one more

yes, I must get my beauty rest and prepare for the weekend, BUT, I just wanted you to peruse a very interesting site with mucho articles - especially notable are the articles related to freelancers... "an unassuming e-zine about balancing work and life" - Jugglezine. It will be a long exploration...

ok, sweet dreams everyone - c'ya on the flipside.
(what's a flipside? later? after the weekend?)

Friday, March 11, 2005

Government & Blogging?

The coming crackdown on blogging? Bradley Smith says that the freewheeling days of political blogging and online punditry are over. (via the Fusionuser newsletter)

Good Grief - what else is the government going to stick their noses into?? Of course, it doesn't particularly affect me, simply because I'm not into blogging about politics - Mumsy might be interested though.

yum. Never had the Espresso Blend from Starbucks. Had to buy a pound for my saving lives marathon weekend... and of course I had to try it for myself. Very tasty. Sweet and caramel-y aftertaste... smooth, low acidity. Yup, it's a keeper.

Speaking of the weekend, we're having a Mexican food-fest on Sunday. I'm going to make my "Texas Caviar" which is basically a bunch of different beans (blackeye, hominey, black beans) and then onions, parsley (I don't care for cilantro), gr pepper, tomatoes, garlic... mmm, what else? Oh, and Pace Salsa with green chiles/hot sauce to taste. Good stuff. I figured that will be my protein requirement for the day, along with some cheese thingies, yes?

Ok, let's get some work done, shall we?

Thursday, March 10, 2005


I cannot believe that Network Solutions still charges $35.00 a year to register a domain name!! Good grief!

Well, I s'pose, if you don't know any better... (my poor client)... and she bought an email account as well. I don't get it.

Ok. I need my kettle corn (still addicted to that popcorn!)

should be working dude!

Yes I'm distracted, or procrastinating, as usual. Thing is, I need to do something that is intense, and I wasn't in a thinking mode this morning. But I will shortly. I have to transfer about 50 megs of photos over to my pc so that I can edit them (can't do it from the readable only CD). ho well.

So, with this Picasa thing, does that mean it automatically finds all of your pictures? If so, good grief! Do you realize how many jpgs etc that are on my computer?? I wouldn't want everything transfered. I don't know about that - I can't seem to find more info about it, so I think I'll pass.

Hey - fellow NetObjects users. Have you seen the blogging tool Fusionusers are working on? It's currently in a very rudimentary stage right now, but I'm looking forward to the point when we can integrate it into NOF. That would be very, very cool! I've been experimenting with it, but, like I said, it is waaay too soon to do much with it.

Okee then... I must get to work!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Know what? I really feel like staying up late and making some pretty graphics n' stuff.

See? Weird I tell ya!


(no Dan, not that kind of pnb). I'm talking about peanut butter and jelly. I've been craving them for about a week. So I just ate one. yum. Do I feel guilty? nah. Although I'm kind of dreading tomorrow saving livss. Every Wednesday Mike brings in bagels. I'm a bread freak lately as well. I'm also the "floor whore" tomorrow - ick. It's the damn pager that screws you when you're working the floors. poopie.

I can't see very well. Don't ask - probably just 'cos I'm tired.
I think I should go to beddy-bye.

Hey, did you ever wonder who started the p'n'b thing? Somebody had to...
shoot, I'm starting to nod off. Better go to bed!

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Well, it's been a long haul Krishanna, but it's done! Everyone, meet Kris - Kris, everyone. It's been fun!

Explore Krishann's work while you're over there, k?


Just wanted to post this image...
Now who does that remind you of? Lori of course... or I should say, Lori's artwork.

I thought it was pretty cool.


(I know, I should have put that in a pop-up window - oh well)

**just writing some more so that I get that last post down further ...dang, I can't type tonite...

ok. bye.