Wednesday, March 23, 2005

crafty ideed

Kind of got lost on the Craftser blog, and I'm not even "crafty," at least not actively so. But of course, one link leads to another, and there ya go!

One more puff or two and it's to beddy-bye.


Biggest news of the week? I get my hair cut tomorrow!!! Praise the Lord. As a matter of fact, I'm having someone finish my saving-lives shift so that I can keep my appt. (that I made before I knew my schedule). whew. I'm getting it all chopped off dagnabbit. I can not stand it.

So what else?

OOooh, ya know, the usual... getting some gnu, groovy work... saving lives... trying to ponder the big, overall meaning of life as opposed to my little problems (yes, relatively - always).

But ya know what? Can you believe that it will be 2 years already since I had my 'skinny-surgery?' Holy-moly! And I've been at the same weight for the last 7 mths, so I guess I've "arrived" to the place I'm going to be. I lost exactly half of me. I lost 130 lbs, and I now weigh 130 lbs.

Sooo, the other day I had my consult with the plastic surgeon about getting an abdominoplasty. You know, tighten up the whole mid-section - skin as well as muscle - pull that baby taut! So we shall see how it goes (insurance-wise). If it happens, that's cool, but if it doesn't, that's cool too... would be a loverly perk though.

ANYhooo... that's the poop around here. Gotta heat up the fishy-fishy that I made yesterday. It turned out excellent - finally. I always seem to have a slight breading problem, but it turned out mahvelous. yay.

okee then, y'all have fun - c'ya later.