Saturday, April 09, 2005

far-freakin' out!

oooo, 70's photos

(via Gilda)

*when the moooooon is in the seventh sunnnn, and Jupiter, aligns with Marrrssss...*

Have a groovy one all!

Friday, April 08, 2005

bike fotos

Well, I promised pics of hubby's new baby... Daddy's 2005 Road Glide (no fancy display here). They also aren't very good - lighting etc... I knew that you'd wonder where I was, so I put up the only, tiny one of moi. eh.

Most of the pics have the old Harley next to the new one. Out with the old, and in with the new. Do you know that he sold the old one for just $1,000 less than he originally paid for it? Well, before all of the customizing over the years (it's a '91). Pretty good, hmm?

ok then. beddy-bye early tonite. Think of me this weekend and keep your fingers crossed that I have a good saving lives weekend, k? Not like my last weekend...

best bites

Basking in the glow of a compliment can be very motivating, ya know? Plus, as I mentioned, I've really gotten back on track as far as my food consumption, and eating more protein and everything that I need to eat for my health. And by stepping up and eating more, I have, for the first time in like, forever, lost 3 pounds! Can you say "under 130?" yahooey!

I've really gotten into trying to get more variety, since yogurt and beef jerky can get pretty damn monotonous. It also doesn't stay with you very long (which obviously cuts down on the snacking if one stays full!).

ANYhoo, I thought I'd share a few of my fav things to eat, and that are very healthy for you (at least, I should say, for me).

One of the items makes me very happy. I still have a sweet tooth, probably more than any other downfall to eating healthy. But everything that I put in my mouth needs to have some nutritional value, or it just isn't acceptable to eat (that's my rule, and I really do stick to it). Sooo, for a guilt free, sweet snack, I kept searching and searching for a protein bar that met all of my requirements, and it just wasn't happening. If they had enough protein, they either had too much saturated fat (bad), or way too much sugar. Too much sugar (over about 7-8 gms) can make me physically ill, so that's my main concern.

Thee best that I found, is GeniSoy's Low-carb crunch bars. I'll let you see the nutritional info for yourself, but the peanut butter one is the best out of all of them (the chocolate one is my fav tho, but contains too much fat comparatively speaking). Very very goooood.

GeniSoy also has yummy "Soy Crisps" - which again, contain all the right stuff for me, and they are very good as well - for the crunchy salty urges. They do not taste like rice cakes either. Much more smooth, flavorful, and baked, not that styrofoam-y crap.
(btw, the prices aren't as expensive as their site lists them).

One of the things that I did a lot of research on as well, was a decent, more bang for your buck, protein shake product. Now, one isn't supposed to drink these on a regular basis, simply because a liquid doesn't stay in your tummy as long (like I mentioned up there). BUT, sometimes I just don't get enough protein in for the day, and a little glass of a protein drink (I mix with skim milk, not water) can definitely give me what I need.

The best I have found is the Real Meals drink. Now, they mention the bariatric thing on their site, but that's just a marketing thing. Applies to anyone looking for a good protein supplement. This one has ALL of the right stuff. I only use half a pack for 30 gms of protein. Supposedly, anything over that amount of protein, for the average person, is kind of a waste - your body doesn't utilize more than that all at once anyway. Good stuff.

The staples of my diet are the following:
- Tuna (love the newer "dry packs" - esp the Hickory Smoked flavor)
- Smoked salmon - great source for essential Omega-3 fatty acids
- yogurt, yogurt and more yogurt (always Blue Bunny!)
- Sargento, light string cheese sticks
- Blue Bunny, Sweet Freedom popsicles - yay for healthy oral fixes!
- Egg Beaters - quick fix in the microwave, with Salsa and FF American Cheese. yum.
- fresh fruit very occasionally...
- random veggies here n' there...
Plus, a multi-vitamin, calcium via Tums, and 500 mcg B-12 vitamins. OH! and water, water, water, and more water!!!

And that's the scoop. Thought that maybe some of this could be useful info for anyone so inclined to give their bodies a healthy shot in the arm, ya know? Plus, I definitely did the research on the protein thingies, so you don't have to!

Ok then. Who got me started on this subject anyway?

Hey! Hubby got his bike! wooohooo! He has a new lover and is as happy as a pig in poop! We're going to take some pics when he gets home from the gym. I'll post later.

Alrighty, I have taken far too long in here and need to do some work. Especially since it's my marathon saving-lives weekend. bleh.

y'all have a good weekend, k?

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Geesh, all of this adrenaline, and *POOF* - squished flat.

I just spoke to Joe on the phone, and he isn't even going to BE THERE! O-woe-is-me! I am so bummed. And I even got hubby to "wish me well" and to *let* me go.



Alrighty, who wants to come with me to NYC to meet Joe?

Comments are once again enabled... I'm done feeling antisocial.

good/bad morning

Bad: very sore mouth from roto-rooter.
Good: Dental assistant advising me on taking ibuprofen, "You're such a tiny little thing, I don't know if you should take 3 at once on an empty stomach."

ahhh, music to my ears... makes the pain much more tolerable!


wheeee! playing here and here, but now I must sleep in preparation for my lovely root canal in the a.m.
(ewww, this is the "Trauma: life in the ER" episode where they take a roach out of a woman's ear!)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Good Grief! Since when did a software upgrade cost more than my car payment?? The new Adobe CS2 is $549.00 for the upgrade. mymymy... doesn't look like a hellova big deal either. At least not for me to justify spending that much money.
ya know?

Nice day today - window wide open! yay!
Hubby is chompin' at the bits for his new bike - it's all done - he got mucho customization work done - looks Xcellent - I'll show you pics when he gets it (on Friday), k?

Plus, he sold his old one, so he can't even ride that one. poor dear.
pretty soon honey, pretty soon.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

well, say SOMEthing already

Nuthin's happening... had a cold... working. And of course the longer time passes without comin' in here, the less I care to, ya know?

s'all cool.

I do enjoy keetra - go visit for a bit.

c'yall later.