Thursday, June 02, 2005

coffee break

An excerpt from my horoscope for this week: (and you know there's always something that fits!)

"The only work that will have lasting value in the coming week is work that you do in the spirit of fun. If you approach any task with nothing more than a desire to get it over with, it will ultimately be useless."

That's my mantra. "Just have to finish this, just have to finish that one." Mumsy said to me today that she hasn't heard me say "I'm going to play now" for quite awhile. Welll, I just gotta finish a couple more things before I can play. ha!

Anyway. Good news! I have a date for my *tummy tuck* surgery - August 3rd. Yippee! Of course I am going to quit smoking. Again. But at least I'm really motivated - have to be.

I'll be in good company at the hospital. All my buddies have quit! I'm one of the few on day shift that still smokes. Finally. A lot more respiratory therapists that don't smoke! Imagine that.

Speaking of the hospital - lots of changes on the horizon. Biggest one, no more 12 hr weekends! yippee. But I'll probably have to go back to every other weekend, but the "normal" 10 hr days. We shall see... 'course, I like having the weekdays off, ya know?

'hokay then. Back to workith.