Saturday, June 25, 2005

coffee time?

Chillin. Sitting here with my window wide open and the air on (my door is closed). Just had an overwhelming urge for a cup o' coffee, and never being one to fight sudden urges, I made a cup. Which reminds me... I have 4 packs of ciggies left before quittin' time. Kinda scarey. BUT, I'm getting ready mentally. Telling myself how gross and icky they are, how nice it was to quit before, and so on and so forth.

Besides - and one of thee most important things - is that no quittie, no surgery. Yes ma'am, my tummy tuck is about a month away! eeeeeks. Everything that I read about it, and from people who've had it, it sounds a bit worse than my original surgery, at least as far as recovery is concerned. Mainly because my ab muscles will be sliced and diced, ya know? And swelling lasts for a few mths... but it will all be worth it in the end, especially since time flies so fast.

Know what else? Along with taking computer breaks, I'm getting even stronger urges to draw with a pencil and paper. In fact, I played around a bit tonite, but then gave up after awhile. Tried out a few of those 'micro pens' for fun. Let's see, Blogger has a picture uploadie thing? hmm, I don't see that. (nevermind)

Thing is - and anyone who's ever doodled around (maybe a bit more seriously at one time) and tries to pick it up again, it's really difficult. At least it is for me. The pencil feels strange in my hand, my fingers are stiff... if I ever really get serious about drawing again, it's going to take a lot of practice to loosen up and get into it, ya know?

So anyway. 'tis life for me today. Think I'll watch Trauma:ER now and finish my coffee, okee doke?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

soakin' up sun n' stuff

I've taken everyone's advice and stayed away from the peecee for awhile. Well, sort of. Let's just say I got out and about for a change.

Friday, Jennie and I went to the Lakefront Festival of the Arts, which of course is put on every year by the Milwaukee Art Museum. That was fun to walk around, and admire (and debate whether we should buy something - nope, can't) some really unusual artwork.

Saturday, Mumsy and I went shopping - and not to a grocery store! wow, can you believe it?? Another relaxing day.

Then finally, Sunday, at long last (altho not all inclusive) I put up the 3 prints that Jen gave me for Christmas and rearranged and cleaned my office. Mainly because I bought a little bitty table to put next to the recliner in here - so of course, that starts the ball rolling, right?

I also took a few pics 'cos I haven't used my camera forever, and I wanted to show you the prints. I also put Buddha Kitty on a little stand so he shows up better (I love to rub his smooth, marble head from time to time). Here's the lazy way for you to view them here (the first 4 photos).

Anyway, that's the poop for now. Just eeking back in here from time to time. It's difficult to pick it up again when I don't make a habit of posting for awhile, ya know?

c'yall later.
(geesh, that was a pretty stiff and boring narrative, wasn't it?)
(and yes, that's LucyLu in the chair, wondering why I'm disturbing her nap)