Wednesday, June 29, 2005

ice cream social

hey, anyone else watching the eBay story/history on CNBC? UNbeliveable. Not that I wasn't aware how big of a business eBay is, but to see it all in a documentary like this is just freakin' amazing. You know, one of those 'success stories' that we all wish we could be a part of (at least I do)!

Anyway, made my little breakola run to Starbucks this afternoon, and they were having a little ice cream social to promote their Java Chocolate Chip flavor. Of course I tried it, but what was just sooooooooo adorable was the container that it came in. It was a little-bitty teeny size version of a regular pint of ice cream (like Ben & Jerrys). It was just so precious!

When I went outside to sit and drink my coffee and savor some of the treat, I looked at the nutritional info, and in that teeny-tiny 3oz. container of ice cream, was 250 cal, lotsa saturated fat (don't remember exactly), and 26 gms of sugar - waaaay too much for me, no matter how good it tasted. So I just scooped the melty stuff around the edges and threw the rest away. I was actually thinking about saving that little container, but nah. It was just so damn cute.

Ok, going to watch more about eBay.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

kid stuff??

Must take a breakola. ya, like I've been working all day - nope, playing hooky (hookie?)(looks funny, doesn't it?). Anyway. I was reading the latest issue of STEP Magazine, and as I usually do, browsed some sites that were mentioned. Many design firm sites, as well as some kid stuff, so I thought I'd share.

Bare in mind, kid's sites don't really thrill me, I just thought these were kind of cute.
- Olie Bollen - "cool stuff for kids"
- ZidZidKids - I love the little mini-poofs and cushions
- James Girone's Guide to Children's Fashions - I'll leave the link browsing to you.

Design stuff:
- You may have seen some of the product packaging that these guys created - Blue Q - neato
- Velocity - A pretty neat shop of different designers and products. Especially notable is an artist that I haven't seen before, Amy Ruppel. Check out her work - love the effect that she does with beeswax! Her own site here.

Think that's it for now. I'm trying to get as much work done as possible 'cos I can't predict how mental I'm going to be tomorrow without cigs, and whether I'll be able to concentrate real well. I've also been writing down the benefits of quitting when I think of them throughout the day. In fact, I plan on putting them online so that I can reaffirm why I'm doing it at the click of a mouse, ya know?

'hokay then. toodleoooooo.