Saturday, July 09, 2005

biker, art n' stuff

hubbyFrom the "wish I had a camera" files... when I waved bubbye to hubby this morning, I had to laugh to myself. There was this "wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley" type person - skull cap, dark sunglasses, huge tattooed arms holding on to a big 'ol Hog - then you look down and see his crisp white tennies and the gym bag hooked on the tour pack. He just looked so cuuuute - awwww.Hotcakes Gallery Did you know that he goes to the gym just about every single day for an hour or two? He always has. I admire him for his tenacity, something that I'm still lacking when it comes to exercise... off/on/off/on.

Hey, remember when I recently (down a couple o' days) linked to Amy Ruppel's site? Well lo n' behold, both Amy and another familiar artist, Trish Grantham, are going to be showing here in Milwaukee at Hotcakes Gallery the end of July! yay. Of course I won't be able to buy anything since I'm still on a very strict budget per my CFO, but it will be fun to look, right?

tummytuckThen, a couple days after that, I go in for my surgery!! Last nite I was reading stuff from 'cos as I probably mentioned, I'm a bit apprehensive about this surgery. Not so much that I won't be able to stand straight or that I have to sleep on my back for about a week, but I'm nervous about the post-op period. I do not want to get all bummed out afterwords like I was after the GB surgery. ick.

I guess it's not all that unusual to get depressed after surgery (like "post-partum" blues), but I didn't enjoy it at all. Now, when the air is on and I'm downstairs, I still have "flashbacks" to that time after my last surgery, when I would lay in bed, all cold and clammy from the humidity and cold air conditioning - not wanting to get up 'cos I was so blah. I don't think I'll sleep down there this time, think I'll set myself up in the recliner in the living room. Maybe that will help.

Anyhoo. Going to work on wrapping up a couple more client sites tonite. I'll show you later if you want, k? Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

just sittin...

view biggerI'm still here, just watching hubby work in the yard.

HEY, did you know that Chank is having a font sale? Only $4.00 for many of his fonts. OOO boy, I felt like I was the only one at a really good rummage sale, ya know what I mean? Unfortunately, I have so many of them already. bummer.

Ok, mark this day down in history - I am going to bed! Yes, 'tis true.
Nitey nite everyone