Thursday, July 14, 2005

goody goody

sh-h-h-h-h... everyone is still sleeping. Even Lucy went back under the covers after I let her out to tinkle.

Saving lives today and I woke up a tad early. I got to bed late too, so today should be interesting. Actually, I know what's in store for me today, so at least I'll be busy.

Poor little old lady has a humungous, ugly tumor growing in her lungs - inoperable because its tenticles are winding up and down her main bronchi (the large tubes leading to both sides of her lungs). So today begins her regiment of radiation. Unfortunately, she's on a vent, so that means I walk along and breath for her. Of course the radiation dept. is 50 kazillion miles away to the other side of the hospital and the trip itself takes longer than the short bursts of radiation to her chest. Hopefully, the radiation will shrink the tumor enough so that she can breath, come off the vent, go home, and die peacefully with her family around her.

So, along with the 8 other vents in the ICU that I'm working in, I know I'll be busy... and the lack of sleep won't catch up with me until I'm off tonite (seems rather trivial after telling you about that patient, doesn't it?)

Peter Goode
Why was I up so late? To finish Peter's little web page of course.

Alrighty, now I must get dressed and get going. Starbucks here I come. Have a good one guys.

Monday, July 11, 2005

quickie pics

t'was a lovely day for a bike ride... hubby and I went to a little picnic thingie for Jennie's friend. Short and sweet, but we took a few pics. I look like a weird midget in one of 'em.
Show and tell.
and nope, didn't finish any work, but tomorrow it's time to get serious, right?
okee doke, gotta get to bed.