Thursday, July 21, 2005


Have you seen what CafePress is starting now? Custom postage stamps! Real ones. I think that's pretty cool, especially for those extra special letters. Of course you wouldn't use them to pay your electric bill... but however you customize them would have to be pretty darn small, no?

I enjoyed doing the CafePress thing. Granted, my best customer was myself, and I usually made just enough in a month to pay for my premium shop... it was pretty time consuming though. And have you ever browsed the artist's stuff? There's quite a few well known artists that sell things - quite the bargain too when you think about what you'd pay for one of their prints or something.

Ack, forget it - why do I get these spurts of ideas all of the time? I'm pretty damned impulsive. Did you know that? (if you didn't, you haven't known me very long! ha) I guess the key is to not act on those thoughts, right?

hohum. OH, guess what? Trauma-mama today and not one teeny tiny trauma alert for me all day - wahooo! Happy day.

ok. Gonna do something now. Not sure what, I just hope I don't peepee the night away, ya know?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

for kicks and passing time

I kind of got caught up in browsing sites to see what their "page rank" was (with the google tool bar). This, after reading the Sitepoint Forum's topic of selling domain names. One person had a 7/10 PR and they jumped all over that sucker - up to $5000 I believe. hmm. Interesting. I find it rather odd that bitchblog still has a page ranking of 6/10 and there's not even any links on it any longer. Betcha people still have me on their blogrolling list... I also get mucho referrals from the Graphic Artists Guild since there was an article in their newsletter that made reference to BB. FMG is 6/10 - that seems to be the common PR amoung a few of my frequently visited sites. Ho-hum. Big deal. Like I'm going to sell any of them, right?

Just have to do one saving lives day this week, and that would be tomorrow. I was going to go to bed early about 2 hrs ago. Oh well, what the hell. Although I'm the trauma-mama tomorrow, so let's hope it's all quiet in the trauma bay tomorrow, k?

Wanna see a cool site(s)? Lauie Lipton's drawings as well as John Casey's sculptures. Groovy, hm?

Ok then, nitey nite all - have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


proud mama kitty

My baby girl got a promotion today - she is now the Creative Director of Koss Corporation. yay. I love her.