Tuesday, August 02, 2005

bubbye tummy...

Ok guys, this is it for a few days-ish. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm having my last ciggie - gotta make it ceremonial or something (yes, I waited until the last minute, what can I say).

c'yall later.

Sunday, July 31, 2005


'morning all!

Dang, I'm sweatin' already. What a difference the humidiy makes (I don't care what *they* say about "hot is hot" regardles). Yesterday - hot and dry, no problemo. Today? Hot and humid - curly, out of control hair, and a shiny, "not ready for prime-time" face. blech.

(I can't type this morning!)

We're having a Christmas in July day today in the ICU. That means Christmas-y scrub jackets and food. Food. Any excuse for a plethora of munchies and so forth. I think I'll pick up a loaf or two of fresh, right out of the oven, Cranberry Walnut bread? Or maybe Cranberry-orange? yum. And of course, a lb. of Starbucks. Yesterday everyone was excited for "Kitty-coffee" and I didn't bring any. tsk-tsk. But today I won't dissappoint them...

AND, it's my last day of saving lives for a month. Wednesday is my surgery! Holy Cow! It's here already. eeeeeeks. But I'll probably c'ya before then I'm sure, k?

Alrighty. Off to buy the goodies.
Have a great Sunday everyone.