Thursday, August 25, 2005


Patrick Dempsey is hot hot hot!

Back to reality, Jay Ferranti has yummy artwork.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

too much

I've been pretty good about not purchasing photoCDs and stock illustrations like I used to - I was out of control. Thing is, I hardly use any of them in my work anymore.

I was looking for a pattern I know I have somewhere in a folder on my pc, and I'll be damned if I could find it! Pissed me off. But while searching for it, I was reminded of all the stuff I have stuck away in all those folders. Geeesh. What a pack rat! And this all started because Comstock sent me a promo for a free, $79.00 image. So of course, I wasted a ton of time going through their site... why do I get distracted so easily? Oh well. Cie 'la vie.

Who the hell is this dork on t.v.? Craig something or other. Shoot, I'd rather watch the Conan rerun.

You must see this guy's chica's Flash work. Very cool. damnedinblack.

ok. sleepy. later.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

somebody slap me

Isn't this sooo loverly? So clean and pure and beaUtiful. I think so anyway.

Which doesn't help my frame of mind that I've been in this afternoon. One of those "I'm a crappy business person, I can't code shit, I can't do this and I can't do that" days. Know what I mean?

Maybe I need to recline in this here chair for a bit... meditate on the ceiling... or something.


yay I'm going through Woodstock withdrawal.
Well, not so much today, but yesterday I was.

Hey! Lookie what I got -
(that's me doing a crooked peace sign). Not too easy to use my non-dominant hand for picture snapping. Thank you Lori, I love it!

Wanna see something else? I've been having fun making my little store... in fact I need to order another hoodie.
peace baby

I lived in the one I made with the Ink2Art graphic. Sort of like now with the Ink2Art t-shirt that I've been wearing out during my recuperation. ALWays. That with a baggy pair of scrub pants. Hells Bells, I think I may need to buy a jock strap or something... swollen I tell ya! Hope it goes down soooon.

Well, I think the washing machine stopped. I have to run for creamer, but I had a heavy load in the washer and didn't want it to wonk out when I wasn't here. Dad-in-law probably wouldn't even hear it and the washer would probably blow up.

c'yall later.

Monday, August 22, 2005

how many?

Would you believe that I watched/listened to the Woodstock movie, mmm... about 4 times? Had it on as background music this morning, then when Jennie came over to do her wash, we watched it together. Nothing else real exciting for a Sunday.

Hey, Nate is showing illustration all the love - it's new, go visit!

I'm crashing fast. nitey.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Woodstock Not too long ago I posted something about just catching the tailend of the movie "Woodstock." Well, tonite on VH-1 Classic they're having a Woodstock marathon.

Can you believe it's been 36 years since it happened?? Un-freakin-believable. I can't describe how I've been feeling in the pit of my stomach watching this all nite... at times I've been almost on the edge of tears, smiled quite a few times, and of course, sang along to all of the songs. Sad too, watching great performers that have died since then... Jimi, Jerry, & Janis, and really noticing the youth and freshness on all of their faces...

Then I thought of an old journal that I kept when I was 16, which of course, was in 1969 (one of the only things that I still have from that era). And I had to have it, right at that moment, but I had to find it first. Went up in the attic and almost sweat to death, but I did pull out about 25 spiral notebooks that were essentially, pages and pages of notes between hubby, me, and later, Jennie. That's how we communicated when we worked different shifts for many years. Well, long story short, I found the notebook I was looking for. What was kind of funny is a list of albums that I was going to order from whatever club that was where you got 12 free for joining (Columbia?) that I had written down, and I had to scan it for you just for kicks, k? I must have listed too many which will be evident from my little comment... lookie.

When I found the notebook, and hubby saw what I was watching, he didn't want me to read it 'cos he thought I'd get all trippy or something. ha. Well, in those days (didn't know him then), he was a "greaser" biker guy, and of course, I was a little peace-loving hippie. It's a wonder that we ever fell in love being such opposites!

Anyway - now they're showing an old Dick Cavett show from '69 - the very next day after Woodstock. He's talking with a bunch of the groups that played there. Think I'll go back to watching.

Peace n' love!
love ya