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oo-oo.... one more thing! Calling all bitches ~ New bitch in town!
... Kitty Kitty on 4/29/2000 4:26:03 AM | +

Shoot. There's always this *limbo* time frame in the wee hours... not tired, but if I wait too long to go to bed, I'll sleep too damn late..... I s'pose.....
~ sweet dreams ~
... Kitty Kitty on 4/29/2000 4:21:57 AM |

So why did McCain go to Vietnam??
... Kitty Kitty on 4/29/2000 4:18:11 AM |

What the heck did I eat today?
- hamburger and onion rings
- tostidos, hot peppers, and black olives
- bowl of shredded wheat
mmm, yummy.
... Kitty Kitty on 4/29/2000 4:10:36 AM |

Am I missing something? What exactly would this accomplish?
... Kitty Kitty on 4/29/2000 4:08:07 AM | +

oh jeeeez..... well, what ever the hell just happened, I WAS a different color.... however brief. dammitDAMmit. I just wasted some precious nap time on this frickin thing. When I told a client to call me back at 5:30, it was so I could get my *beauty rest*..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
... Kitty Kitty on 4/28/2000 5:02:01 PM |

I don't know about this.... hmmm..... oh well, so I leave it for a few hours... dammit. I was going to take a nap!
... Kitty Kitty on 4/28/2000 4:56:45 PM |

"Justin is struggling to overcome his fear of blinking."
Oh, what a way to end the day. The commentary on
bullseyeart really is exTremely funny! Especially on "the crew' page. ya gotta read it!
thanks derek :)
... Kitty Kitty on 4/28/2000 4:00:14 AM | +

brrrr.....cold in here. guess I could close the window.
You know what I was saying yesterday? about getting in the *mood?* well, tonite I shuffled, the dogs stayed on the couch and stared at me, the coffee was bitter, I spilled it all over the counter, and Leno was a rerun.
Just one of those days.
... Kitty Kitty on 4/28/2000 3:28:38 AM |

"OH NO, there's blood in my caffeine stream!!"
LMAO! thanks
Ron. Good one!
... Kitty Kitty on 4/27/2000 3:22:10 AM | +

wanna know what I do to put me in the mood?
Make a fresh pot 'o coffee, and while that's brewing, hop out into the living room and wiggle around a bit and yell at the doggies... "whaaaaasssssaaaauuupppp.." while they jump around and bark at my face. Then I hop back into the kitchen, (dogs now running and hopping after me) dance with the refrigerator door, open it, grab some cream, elaborately swingin' my huge coffee mug around while I spin and flip the refrigerator door closed. I then fill it with freshly brewed, extra strong, yummy-tasty coffee, not spilling a drop as I w-h-o-o-s-h the cup off of the counter and carry it, singing and doo-doo-doing back to my office, where my rebooted and refreshed 'puter sits waiting to be used and abused. Fresh pack o' ciggies, Jay Leno in the background, and wooooooHOOOoooo, I am in the mood b-a-b-y! Bring on the work!!
... Kitty Kitty on 4/26/2000 10:34:48 PM |

thanks Joe.... Jeffrey. :::Back to the basics here::: Everything comes full circle. The only conundrum that I found myself in.... I belong to a very diversified group of women, from all over the country, all ages, and all different lifestyles. As with most large communities of people with a shared interest, there are sub-groups. There are the leaders, the followers, the contributors, and the barely-there. People gravitate towards those that you have the most in common with, natch. That's life. It's only natural. ANYway, I found myself missing a few of the Diva's blogs to link to. But Hey! that's why we have a Bloggin' Divas webring, right? SO, to my closer friends, at the risk of showing *favoritism* I have removed all of the Diva bloggers, and will rely on ze' webring to get around. Yes, this is my blog, and I can link to whomever I please, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. There are just some that I never go to, 'cos I just don't have anything in common with them, ya know what I mean? You all know who you are, and I love you all! :)
The truth? I don't read many blogs. I really don't. I have my *daily dose* and then that's enough. Because there are people that I care about, that I simply want to hear what's going on in their lives. I have no fascination with other people's lives that I don't know. I have my own life to live, and why do I want to read about who's screwing who, or who slammed so-and-so on their last post. I realize that an objective blog can share a lot of links to informative places that I may not otherwise know about. But as I've mentioned before, I'm a pretty narrow web surfer, and travel around in circles that interest me the most. In the *real world* it pisses my husband off. He claims that the world could blow up all around me, and I wouldn't even know it unless "Adobe" announced it on their website!
hey. what can I say? t'is me. :)
... Kitty Kitty on 4/26/2000 2:27:37 PM | +

Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes the little t.v. is on. Today the t.v. is on, and ya know, I was aghast at the talk show that was playing in the background! They had some *unruley* teens on (I admit that they needed a big ole' bonk on the head to straighten out their little smartass butts!) but there were a few drill sargeants that were totally belittling these kids on t.v. I don't know, for some reason, when they panned to the audience and showed all of those people clapping and hootin' and hollerin' when the kids were crying as they were doing pushups, I was struck with how barbaric the whole thing was. It was really sad. very sad.
So Macy Gray and me are workin' together now, and everything's cool!
... Kitty Kitty on 4/26/2000 11:51:24 AM |

well hello. sleepy kitty here. don't feel like doing anything. don't you just love everyone sometimes? feelin' the love here guys, feelin the love.
... Kitty Kitty on 4/25/2000 7:42:51 PM |

poor darlin! Daughter dearest wrote to me in a state of panic... says she forgot everything that I told her this weekend. so I just sent her some hopefully useful books over at ze' book store. That particular one comes highly recommended by elise.
... Kitty Kitty on 4/24/2000 3:57:24 AM | +

Happy Birthday to me!
... Kitty Kitty on 4/24/2000 2:57:21 AM | +

hey Kellea, I kinda like it... besides, it's kind of like a big "bug" only not really all that big.
... Kitty Kitty on 4/23/2000 2:16:56 AM | +

So, I finished the jar of pickles that we're s'posed to have for tomorrow. Don't know why I have such a craving for pickles... now I have to go to the store again. dagnabit! [no, I'm not pregnant]
... Kitty Kitty on 4/23/2000 2:05:31 AM |

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