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There's a head on my porch!
posted by Kitty April 13, 2000  6:34:14 AM

I've gotta tell you something... you know, I have a mannequin here in my office, k?  well, a very lov-erly woman was in need of a graphic for her site... to make a long story short, I created one for her, and she was just sooo thrilled, that she sent me a head for my mannequin. ok?

So today, I received the package, took the pretty head out of the box, and set it on the kitchen table. Then I went to let the doggies in. omg! You should have seen the way Dolly (rottie) and Lucy (froufroupuppy) reacted! [Dolly loves people and Lucy is still quite nervous/shy around people.] Dolly was jumping up on table and licking the mannequin's face and just wagging her butt (tail) like crazy, all the while Lucy was screaming and having a hissy fit. So when I set the head on the table in here, Dolly jumped up, banged into the desk, a pile of CD's flew to the floor, and both of them were barking and trying to lick the mannequin's face and eat her hair. Well, I had to pretend that our 'guest' was leaving, so I put the head on the porch.

Now what am I going to do with her? hmm... it really was funny.

Naked office assistant

Did I ever tell you that when I moved my office into the other, larger room how I had to scrub practically every object that was in here ‘cos of the residual cigarette smoke? Ugh, it was unbelievable. Obviously I quit smoking now.

So anyway, I took her (above) into the bathtub to scrub her down. Was kind of weird actually.  :)

Head on the porch

Funny thing, all of these years (16 to be exact) the head has been sitting on our enclosed porch. You wouldn't believe how many people passing by are startled by her. Looks like someone is there. And kids! Kids run past our house and scream! haha. She's also pretty faded.


Pretty head in my office

This lovely, long-neck lady head is kind of prud-ish (surprising given she grew up in the ‘60s) and appears to get a bit embarrassed with the crazy antics that her roommate is well known for (<<--- the nekkid one over there).

Ellis meeting mannequin head lady

Ellis, my grandson, met lovely, long-neck lady one day. He couldn't understand why she wasn't answering his questions!

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xoxo Kitty