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Blogging from the beginning

In 1999 I had a little playground of a site called 24-7cool.com. About that time blogging was making an appearance, most notably Blogger.com. For some reason I wasn’t going to “jump on the bandwagon” but began my own little blog at 24-7cool, called “so i say” which I believe began in Feb. of 2000. That’s the 1st entry I still have.

A couple of months later, I indeed signed up with blogger, and in April of 2000 I was an “official” blogger. BitchBlog.com

The blog went through many incarnations, I changed the domain to this one, dotcomkitty.com a year later. That’s about the time my little KittyKitty made his appearance... often animated to the subject matter of my post. (see all of the KittyKittys on one page)

Pierced Kitty


Needless to say, in those days NOone had a clue what “blogging” was, except of course those “in the know”. Yes, there were the “A-listers” and there were cliques, and flaming and blog wars were not uncommon! Good grief! There were some nasty things flung around the web at that time. geesh.
*addendum* So it’s 2017 and the nasty things back then were NOT the same as it is now, which is deplorable IMO.

Things have evolved as they do... and here's a little snapshot of “back in the day” for the Kitty Kitty.


kool kitty gotmilk

What the heck is a blog??

Although archives rarely interest most people other than the folks who may have been part of them, but I’m posting them here... well, just because I can.  :)

Please keep in mind the age of these posts, and the likelihood that many of the links are nonexistent and could be quite annoying if clicked on. PLUS, it’s a dead giveaway of the page’s age by how small the text is!


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