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by Kitty on December 3, 2014

Hi all, and welcome to 2014 , at least for one more month. Can’t believe my last post was 2012? I stop in here periodically to update everything, but this time the updates messed up my sidebar on some of the category posts. Can’t figure it out, and is it really something that I want to spend a lot of time with? Not really. Not if I’m not doing anything in here. Oh well, maybe some day I’ll change themes or something. I designed this site with what was my very fav theme, but they upgraded to a new everything and they lost me.

So there ya go.

Again, I’ll you over on Facebook.

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    Politics, Peace, and Love, oh my!

    by Kitty on October 12, 2012

    Since I’m on Facebook & Twitter these days and there’s this thing called the “Presidential Election” only a couple of weeks away, I felt the need to pop in here and talk. Mainly because I need a little longer space for it (that’s when I miss blogging).

    As a rule, I don’t offer my political or religious opinions/beliefs in either of those platforms. I am not a debater or fond of arguing my points of view with people that I just know casually… actually, not with too many folks, and not even with family that have their own very strong opinions. And I don’t plan on really getting into those opinions now. What I don’t understand, is why people – reasonable human beings – cannot honestly entertain another person’s opinion even if completely opposite their own.

    Are they really blind to other points about any subject that they’re in disagreement with? Of course I’m not talking about heinous crimes (although that may be up for discussion, somewhere), but primarily politics (I think it’s difficult, and wrong, to argue with someone else’s core, moral, religious beliefs).

    Maybe I’m too “Pollyanna-ish” and always try to see something good in everything/everyone. I was a Hippie as a teenager, and would actually still be barefoot with a flower in my hair if I could… well, maybe not. But my point is that I still live by the “Peace n’ Love” creed… not so much the protester, although I was maced at a rally once & believed in the Chicago 7/8. Sadly Abbey Hoffman committed suicide and Jerry Rubin was hit by a car & died, both when in their 50s. I regress.

    My husband & mother are NOT like that, whatsoever. Not to mention the two of them have totally opposite opinions – they are both right, so they claim, and canNOT have any reasonable discussions together so we definitely stay away from those topics!! Black & white, no middle ground. I am grey. I understand why someone might believe their way is the only way, because of course they read it from very authoritative sources. Ya, their own party resources.

    I feel shy and sometimes I feel “bad” when I make a comment on someone’s FB page that doesn’t agree with their post. I don’t want to argue, so I usually don’t. No conflicts. But that’s a different issue I guess. Yes, I just want “all of us to get along.” And I can see this post could wander all over the place, in typical Kitty-talk I guess.  I just wanted to make a statement that I DO see your point. I don’t necessarily agree with you, but I’m not going to insult you and think you’re a bad person. Oh sure, I may feel very strongly against your opinion, but that’s where I will keep it to myself… and probably wonder how you can even feel that way. But I will not compartmentalize your opinion and say “all of you” are that way.

    Did I tell you that my license plate was “Peacnluv” before it was Ink2Art? Yup, it was. Soooo, bottom line, I just want to be happy online. No arguing. No politics. I really don’t want to know your political beliefs. Truthfully, much to my own surprise, it affects a little bit of my opinion of you… whether you agree or disagree with me. :)

    As always, peace & love, xoxo ~Kitty

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      Happy New Year!!

      by Kitty on December 31, 2011


      2012, bring it on!!!


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        Happy Holidays from the Kitty Kitty!

        by Kitty on December 19, 2011

        Merry Christmas everyone!

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          Who are you and why don’t you say so?

          June 13, 2011

          Once in awhile I like to check out other web design sites and am flabbergasted when I can’t even find the person’s name anywhere on the site. There may be an “about” page but only describes the company… “we” are blahblahblah…. drives me crazy! What are people thinking? Share the luv

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            May 29, 2011

            hey, blame it on Facebook. xoxo Share the luv

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              just breathe (for gae)

              January 2, 2011

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                Artist’s Bio

                October 18, 2010

                When I visit artist websites and I like their work, the 2nd page I go to is their bio–the About Me page. Did you ever notice that many of them write, “I’ve always been into art.” Ever read one that said, “I never enjoyed art and was forced to pursue it against my will”? Share […]

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